Smart Answers to Stupid Questions

Not to get all ‘Big Brother’ on you, but one of the fun things about running your own web site is that you get to look at all these fun statistics that tell you how many people visit your site, what country they’re from, where they linked from etc.

Truth be told, I compulsively check my stats numerous times a day and one of the most entertaining categories I often check up on is the ‘keywords’ category. The ‘keywords’ category lists words that people put into search engines (ie. google) to find Sometimes they’re actual questions like “When does VERONICA MARS return?” or sometimes they’re random things they saw on TV, ie. “Dr. Acula” (from SCRUBS). Of course, this being the internet, more often then not you get things like, “Big Love Bill Paxton Naked.”

So as a public service to my visitors, I’d thought I’d provide some smart answers to some real questions that someone, somewhere, has been searching for. (theTVaddict’s responses are in orange).

Has the OC been cancelled?
Umm, yes, welcome to 2007. THE OC will air its final episode on February 22, 2007. Interested in Saving THE OC, click here (but don’t hold your breath).

How Did Melissa Peterson From REBA lose weight?
My Guess, Surgery. (You’d be surprised to know how many times this question is asked!)

Reunion, Who killed Samantha
The Fox Television Network, see t-shirt

Wentworth Miller Naked Pictures
Get your head out of the gutter.

Are Rory and Jess Together in Real LIfe
While Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia have dated, they are currently broken up. Rumours run rampant that it has something to do with Milo’s bangs. Reps for both parties refuse to comment!

What is the difference between the Golden Globes and the Emmys

One Tree Hill spoilers for the middle of the 4th season
The spoiler is that the show is still on the air. For quality high school sports drama, check out FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on NBC, Wednesdays 8PM

Robin Sparkles
Highlight of the season, see clip

Let me know if you’re a fan of this feature and I’ll bring it back on a sem-regular basis. You can always count on the world to ask some really funny questions.

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  • Love it. Then again, I’m a big fan of poking stupid people in the eye with sharp sticks.

  • turkelton

    love the stupid keep it up!!!

  • Jo

    Your ‘smart answer’ has The O.C. ending in the wrong year!

  • yay… Save The OC!

  • Common Sense

    OK, TVA…here’s a question I’d love the answer to:

    Why did GLAAD and the public demand an apology from Isaiah Washington for a comment first made on a closed-set and, by reports, made indirectly (however wrong)…..and yet Donald Trump goes on every TV outlet available and openly refers to Rosie as a “degenerate” and other derogatory terms—certainly in reference to her lifestyle. Why aren’t these same people demanding Trump’s apology and ouster from NBC? Someone, please show me the difference between the two situations, other than the fact that Isaiah appears repentant, while Trump just keeps bashing the anti-gay drum?