FELICITY’S Keri Russell Pregnant

While I realize that news of Keri Russell’s real life pregnancy isn’t exactly news (see PEOPLE), it once again falls to theTVaddict.com to pick up the slack from his media brethren and ask the question nobody’s thought of.

What is Felicity, sorry Keri.. going to name her baby — Ben or Noel? Leave it to theTVaddict.com to ask the IMPORTANT questions!

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  • Common Sense

    I vote “Simon,” since he first deflowered our girl in the art studio.

    Keri is one of the greatest young actresses of our day; does anyone find it odd that networks are not falling over themselves to get her back on a weekly series? I mean, Felicity made her a TV icon. Maybe now that she’ll have a baby, she will find that the normalcy of a TV schedule (vs. film) can still give her some family time. Anyone at the CW listening???

  • Selina

    I say “Ben” because she’ll always have happy thoughts when she says his name.