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Hello from a VERY cold and VERY snowy Kansas! Would anyone else like some winter weather? You can take mine! Let’s see what is on this week that I can curl up under the blanket and watch, shall we?


Sunday is all about the SciFi channel tonight! First, check out the series premiere of Dresden Files at 9/8c! Based on the best-selling series of novels by Jim Butcher, it tells the story of Harry Dresden, a Chicago-based private detective with extraordinary abilities. Where others see typical crimes of assault, kidnapping and murder, Harry sees otherworldly forces at work. He’s a wizard, the real thing, the only wizard listed in the Chicago yellow pages. Whether consulting for the police on inexplicable crimes or following his own cases, Dresden does battle with the forces of darkness, always maintaining a wry sense of humor and a unique perspective on our world. It stars Paul Blackthorne, from 24, ER, Holby City and Deadwood!

Also new tonight on the SciFi channel is the winter premiere of Battlestar Galactica at 10/9c! As a supernova threatens to destroy the algae planet, the Galactica team must race to find clues to the Earth’s location.

Also on tonight:

  • NFL Football: AFC Championship: New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts *Sports*
  • 7th Heaven *New Episode*
  • American Dad *2 New Episodes*
  • Beauty and the Geek *New Episode*
  • Brothers & Sisters *New Episode*
  • Crossing Jordan *New Episode*
  • Deal or No Deal *New Episode*
  • Desperate Housewives *New Episode*
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition *New Episode*
  • Family Guy *New Episode*
  • Grease: Your’re the One That I Want *New Episode*
  • Reba *New Episode*
  • Rome *New Episode*
  • The Apprentice: Los Angeles *New Episode*
  • The L Word *New Episode*
  • The Simpsons *New Episode*
  • Without a Trace *New Episode*


Monday is the return of some of our favorites! Start off the night with the winter premiere of Prison Break on Fox at 8/7c. Michael and Lincoln form a tenuous alliance with Kellerman; tragedy strikes the Mahone family; Bellick takes action to prove he is still in charge at Fox River. W00t! I can’t wait!

Next is a new episode of Heroes on NBC at 9/8c. Nathan seeks Simone’s help to save comatose Peter; Hiro and Ando go in search of the sword in Isaac’s painting; Jessica struggles with Niki’s decision to turn herself in to the police; a new hero makes a shocking debut. I love that Hiro and Ando are back together! 😀

Finally at 10/9c, catch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on NBC. The staff comes back from the holiday break to prepare for the first show of the year; Danny is in full pursuit of Jordan; Matt bids in an online auction for a date with Harriet. Awwww!

Also on tonight:

  • 24 *New Episode*
  • All of Us *New Episode*
  • CSI: Miami *New Episode*
  • Deal or No Deal *New Episode*
  • Everybody Hates Chris *New Episode*
  • Girlfriends *New Episode*
  • How I Met Your Mother *New Episode*
  • Lincoln Heights *New Episode*
  • Supernanny *New Episode*
  • The Class *New Episode*
  • The Game *New Episode*
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine *New Episode*
  • Two and a Half Men *New Episode*
  • Watch Over Me *New Episode*
  • What About Brian *New Episode*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *New Episode*
  • Wife Swap *New Episode*
  • Wildfire *New Episode*


Tuesday is the new episode FINALLY of Veronica Mars on the CW network! Veronica takes a job helping animal researchers track down a missing monkey; Mindy O’Dell (Jaime Ray Newman) asks Keith to investigate Dean O’Dell’s death. Do you have any speculation as to who killed the dean? I personally hope it was the femi-nazis. lol

Also new tonight is NCIS on CBS at 8/7c. The NCIS team must track down a wanted terrorist (Enzo Cilenti), who has obtained a missing chemical weapon, before he carries out his plan to attack major U.S. cities. A shout out to the NCIS fans on Kristin’s eonline message boards. I read your thread every week. It’s great to see such enthusiastic fans of one of my favorite shows!

Also on tonight:

  • State of the Union Address *Special*
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos *New Episode*
  • American Idol *New Episode*
  • Bad Girl’s Club *New Episode*
  • Campus Ladies *New Episode*
  • Dirt *New Episode*
  • Gilmore Girls *New Episode*
  • Watch Over Me *New Episode*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *New Episode*


Wednesday starts off with the season premiere of one of MY favorite comedies, George Lopez on ABC at 8/7c. As Carmen prepares for college, Angie learns the family could be growing; Benny faces jail for a crime from from her past. I know a lot of you guys don’t like the show, but I love it. 😀 Does anyone else like it? lol

Also new tonight is a new episode of Friday Night Lights on NBC at 8/7c. One game away from the playoffs, the Panthers work hard to get their minds back into game mode; Smash’s mom discovers something that could destroy his football dreams.

Also on tonight:

  • According to Jim *New Episode*
  • American Idol *2-Hour New Episode*
  • Armed & Famous *New Episode*
  • Beauty and the Geek *New Episode*
  • Criminal Minds *New Episode*
  • CSI: NY *New Episode*
  • Deal or No Deal *New Episode*
  • In Case of Emergency *New Episode*
  • Medium *New Episode*
  • One Tree Hill *New Episode*
  • The Knights of Prosperity *New Episode*
  • Watch Over Me *New Episode*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *New Episode*


Thursday has reruns on NBC, but is all new for a few big shows. Don’t miss one of the last handful of episodes of The OC on Fox at 9/8c. Kirsten gets news that will change her life forever; Julie has a secret love affair; a therapist gives Taylor rules by which to live; Che discovers that Seth is not his soul mate. I’m so sad that this show is ending. It’s definitely hit its stride this season! 🙁

Also new tonight is Grey’s Anatomy on ABC at 9/8c. Bailey proposes the creation of a free clinic; a Seattle Grace doctor receives a proposal. Hmm, who do you think is asking someone to marry them? George/Callie? McSteamy/Addison? Yeesh!

Then stick around for Men in Trees on ABC at 10/9c! Marin discovers that her new cabin is not quite ready for her; Jane unintentionally neglects Sam to support Marin’s new move; Patrick worries that he will not be able to give Annie her dream wedding. Love love love love LOVE this show. 😀

Also on tonight:

  • CSI *New Episode*
  • Nashville Star *New Episode*
  • Smallville *New Episode*
  • Supernatural *New Episode*
  • The War at Home *New Episode*
  • Watch Over Me *New Episode*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *New Episode*
  • 30 Rock *Repeat*
  • CSI *Repeat*
  • My Name is Earl *Repeat*
  • Scrubs *Repeat*
  • Shark *Repeat*
  • The Office *3 Repeat Episodes*
  • Til Death *Repeat*
  • Ugly Betty *Repeat*


Friday has new episodes of Monk and Psych again. Yay! On Monk, Natalie suspects foul play in the deaths of her parents’ neighbors.

On Psych, when a drunken and depressed Lassiter confesses to Shawn that he has doubts about the “natural causes” death of an astronomer, Shawn sets out to secretly prove the detective right in order to boost his morale.

Also on tonight:

  • 1 vs 100 *New Episode*
  • Nanny 911 *New Episode*
  • Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy *New Episode*
  • Watch Over Me *New Episode*
  • Wicked Wicked Games *New Episode*
  • WWE Friday Night Smackdown *Sports*
  • Brothers & Sisters *Repeat*
  • Close to Home *Repeat*
  • Ghost Whisperer *Repeat*
  • Grey’s Anatomy *Repeat*
  • Las Vegas *Repeat*
  • Law & Order *Repeat*
  • Numb3rs *Repeat*

Have a great week everyone and stay warm!

— Jenny

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  • jacki

    Which three episodes of The Office are re-running on Thursday? According to their website, they’re only running The Coup, but the way networks change stuff around, that might be outdated.

  • Jenny

    According to Zap2It and, it’s The Coup at the regular time then Grief Counseling & Initiation at 10 & 10:30 in place of ER. 🙂

  • jacki

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Jenny

    You’re welcome. 🙂 Don’t shoot me if they change their minds later this week, though! LOL

  • jacki

    Let’s hope they don’t, because I moved in the middle of the season and lost those episodes on my DVR! 🙂

  • WOW, there sure are a lot of smiley faces on this page 🙂

  • turkelton

    family guy and american dad were reruns last night

  • Jenny

    Hmm, really? I would swear they were scheduled to be new, but in my freezing state, I may have overlooked em. Sorry!

  • Cathy

    I missed the winter premiere of Prison Break. Do you know if there will be a rerun on Fox this week? Thanks!