Jack vs. Hiro — Vote Now!

jack vs hiro

For five days and four hours, Jack Bauer has endured the death of his wife, a drug addiction, endless terrorist threats, countless torture sessions and most recently a nuclear explosion (all with apparently no bathroom breaks).

Tonight at 9PM, he’ll face his most challenging opponent yet…. a five foot one inch Japanese Star Trek nerd named Hiro! What will you be watching tonight at 9PM: FOX’S 24 or NBC’S HEROES. Take the poll (see right sidebar)

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  • Blake!

    As much as I have been enjoying Heroes, I have been addicted to 24 from the first episode, back when nobody else watched it. I made my roommate watch it so I would have someone to discuss it with. I scheduled my grad school classes around it! Heroes is still too new for me to pick it over 24. I’ll just watch Heroes the next day on NBC.com.

  • JennyC

    24 is my live decision. But thanks to DVR, I will see Heroes afterwards. But, I will I agree with Blake! that 24 has been my addiction after five seasons. Freshman Heroes, will have to wait.

  • If I breathe, I watch 24. But thanks to a dual tuner TiVo I don’t have to make a choice.

    Thank God for technology.

    But Jack Bauer owns me lock, stock and man bag loaded with anything a super agent needs to save the world!

  • jacki

    I’ve never seen an episode of 24, so it’s Heroes all the way for me!

  • Sam

    24 just because it’s what everyone else I know that watches the two shows has chosen over the other. I’m glad they made that choice for me because I’d never be able to decide!

  • Ane

    I´ll watch 24 because I´m hooked on this show since the very first episode. Jack Bauer rulez!

  • For the record, I actually won’t be home so I’ll be PVR’ing both. If I were home, I think I’d watch HEROES first then 24 after (God Bless my PVR!)

  • Mario

    Watch both!

  • tdot

    ive never watched 24 and im not about t start so ill go with heores!