PRISON BREAK: To Watch or Not to Watch?

Tonight marks the return of Michael Scofield and the gang from PRISON BREAK. Truth be told, I still have the final three episodes of the fall season stored on my PVR. Perhaps it’s because I can only watch so much TV (shocking I know) or the fact that PRISON BREAK at times seems too ridiculous (T-Bag’s hand surgery comes to mind!) — but last fall, I just found myself losing interest in the highly implausible adventure.

Here’s where you come in fellow TV Addicts. If you’re a fan of the show — convince me to jump back on the bandwagon. Should I take the time (out of my incredibly jam-packed TV schedule) to catch up with some of America’s Dumbest Criminals or should I forget about it and take the time to read a good book, or you know, get a life?

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  • I would totally get back on the PB bandwagon!

    It has now gone in an entirely new direction. What was old and getting stale is now reborn into something entirely different. Give it a shot. I think you will be surprised.

  • Flutie

    Don’t jump off the wagon just yet….I’d at least stick around to see what happens between Michael and Sara, as well as see what happens with Mahone and Kellerman.

    Still a lot left in the series.

  • Dennis

    I hate to say this to such a dedicated OFFICE fan, but if you get some sort of enjoyment out of the OFFICE (my wife and I have no interest whatsoever in the OFFICE), you ought to have a ball with PRISON BREAK.

  • PB is dead to me…I’ll never watch again

  • Prison Break Fan!!

    Okay..okay…don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m going to tell YOU that Prison Break is totally off the hook!! This Season has gone to new extreames!! I think Everyone should give this show a chance because it’s a KEEPER! Wait until tonight!! You’ll see!!

    And as for “the Office” comment…that’s a great show. It is completely dry humor and I am sorry that you and your wife find no pleasure in it. Have you given it a shot?

  • turkelton

    i’m loving PB this season!! keep watching!!

  • Prison Break Fan!! – you seem a little to excited for the return of PB? Are you secretly Wentworth Miller in disguise?

  • Prison Break Fan!!

    HAHAHAHA….no, unfortunately I’m not Wentworth Miller…although I do get that a lot! Believe it or not I’m a female *smiles*

    Check out my MySpace page at:

  • Dennis

    “And as for “the Office” comment…that’s a great show. It is completely dry humor and I am sorry that you and your wife find no pleasure in it. Have you given it a shot?” from Prison Break Fan

    Yes, my wife and I tried looking at it twice. Once during the first season, and during the second season. I guess, for us, the dry humor just was blown away. We just found the OFFICE unbeleivably boring.

  • DD

    Prisonbreak is a MUST see… take the leap..

  • Common Sense

    Dennis, you & wife seriously need therapy. There’s nothing funnier on TV, period.

    And TV Addict, if for no other reason than following the saga of T-Bag’s hand (you won’t BELIVE where the appendage is NOW!), you must get back in the game. Guess whose house Theodore entered as the last episode closed!!?????!! Aaaahhhh!!! And Bellick new digs!!!!

    I’m totally addicted to this thrill-ride, implausible or not. Maybe because I’ve watched from the start (while shunning involvement with other new cult shows, like Heroes). Whatever, don’t miss tonight—you’ll be SORRY. “Save The Prisoners….Save The World!”

  • Mario

    Must see Prison Break!!!

  • Jennifer

    Whether you do in fact end up watching PB or not, let’s not start talking crazy with the suggestion of reading a book or getting a life……look at me, it’s Monday and I’m still trying to get every song from the latest Scrubs episode from Thursday out of my head…with limited success….

  • Hey TV Addict, I too had lost interest in PB. Not enough hours in the week, you know. But I watched the screener for tonight’s show and it’s good. And no, this isn’t Wentworth Miller!

  • How weird is it that we both have the last three eps on our DVRs/PVRs? I’d just wait until the season ends and watch them all at once. Maybe that’ll work for you…I can’t watch it without falling asleep.

  • tdot

    U should watch them, this show is awesome!!!

  • Common Sense

    9pm EST…..

    Prison Break just ended….I’m numb. Did NOT see THAT coming! This show will “off” anyone at anytime. And people say it can’t keep your interest??

  • If Prison Break goes off the air, I don’t know what I will do on Monday nights.
    The show is awesome and hopes it will last forever.:)

  • Clancy

    Thats What She Said!