• Frank

    aww i feel left out of this one, i dont get it.

    Did the writers of LA Law just get rid of a character by hiding him in an elevator?

  • Jo

    Didn’t watch LA Law either, but I am assuming that they killed off the character of a ‘problem’ actor by having him (or her) step into an elevator with no car, thus plunging them to their death at the bottom of the shaft.

  • Diana Muldar (Dr. Pulaski in Star Trek: TNG season 2) played Rosalind Shays, a lawyer that comes to Mackenzie Brackman Chaney and Kuzak to shake things up in seasons 4 & 5. I can’t remember all the details, but I think the head lawyers brought her into the firm as a “rainmaker” (moneymaker), but things backfired when she became more controlling than they were expected. I think she tried to take over, or get more money, or force the partners to make her a name partner, or something like that. Basically, people didn’t like her and had good reason.

    Anyway, things eventually calmed down somehow, and she started to form a romantic relationship with head lawyer Leland Mackenzie (played by Richard Dysart). In the 21 March 1991 episode, entitled “Good to the Last Drop”, there is a scene where Shays & Leland are talking, they kiss, she turns to get into an open elevator, but instead of their being an elevator car, it’s an empty shaft. She screams and goes boom. Quite, quite dead. Leland is shocked and emotionally crushed.

    I remember watching the scene when it first aired, and it was pretty shocking. It’s been so long though, I had to look things up at Wikipedia and IMDb to remember some of the details. According to Wikipedia, many people believed that this episode was when the show “jumped the shark”.

  • Frank

    man that sound hilarious, i wish i could see a clip of that. It definately sounds super cheezy

  • Brilliant strip! I vaguely remember the water cooler chat about that episode.

  • John

    Great comic. I remember the L.A. Law ep.

    However, I think Rhimes is more apt to put George and Izzy in the elevator shaft.

  • Sam

    I don’t know if he’ll get fired or killed off. I think maybe they’d write Burke and George in less scenes together.

  • tcgc

    the first episode of l.a. law had a character(head of the firm) being killed off by walking into an elevator without an elevator there…I was 11 when I saw it so my memory could be a little off.