Tonight’s Only Bet: VERONICA MARS

If you’re looking for some quality televised entertainment this evening, look no further than the new CW. Thanks to the President’s State of the Union address, all the major networks, with the exception of the CW will be airing the President’s speech. You literally have no choice but to watch tonight’s January premiere of VERONICA MARS (9PM, CW). So sit back, tune in and discover what you’ve been missing for two and a half seasons — television’s most under-rated drama. Who’d have thought I’d ever see the day when President Bush would actually have a positive effect on my life?

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  • Jenny

    I beg to differ. NCIS is on as well. 😀 I’m going to watch it and VM tonight. Yay.

  • I apologize to all the NCIS fans out there. I should have been more specific… tonight’s ONLY Bet at 9PM! 🙂

  • tdot

    Iam so excited fof VM. I really hope its gets renewed for a 4th season!?

    Hey when the next Podcast!?!?
    : ]

  • “And I almost forgot aboot…”
    [cue ‘One Week’ by Barenaked Ladies]


  • Awww!

    Mac with the hottie from INVASION!

  • Common Sense

    I don’t recall him on Invasion. Maybe he looks different, tho.

    What a cute monkey.

  • He was the gung-ho HS kid who tried to turn Kira by bringing her to the water. He also teamed up with crazy “pregnant” chick.