VERONICA MARS Returns, We Talk to the Sherrif!

[Editors Note:] After a far too long a hiatus, VERONICA MARS finally returns tonight with an all new episode at 9PM on the new CW. In celebration of this fact, Amrie (of My Take on TV fame) had the opportunity to talk to Neptune’s Chief Lawman (and proverbial thorn in Veronica’s side) — Sheriff Lamb, played by the very talented and incredibly fan friendly Michael Muhney.

As loyal readers, you probably know that my love for TV can best be summed up in the following phrases:
1. 7th Heaven is an embarrassment to intelligent TV viewing.
2. Kiefer Sutherland is my original hero and Friday Night Lights is perfect.
3. I make it my goal to watch 50+ shows a week in order to be an informed viewer.
4. Michael Muhney is hands down one of my favorite people on the planet.
I’ve been so lucky to be able to keep a dialogue going with Michael as the third season of Veronica Mars has continued. As a part of our ongoing communication, we decided that with the new episodes beginning Tuesday, 1/23, now was as good a time as any to get answers to some seemingly random questions about his well being, his interactions on set, and his thoughts on Sunday-night Battlestar Galactica!

michael muhney veronica mars interviewAmrie: How is your face and hands and any other part of your body injured by the mirror fiasco? [Michael was involved in a dust up on the set involving an exploding mirror] 
Michael Muhney: I am healing quite fast. I have minor scarring on my forehead which hopefully will go away over the next few months. I can safely say that I won’t be volunteering to do my own stunts anytime in the near future.
What’s it like on the set these days? Nervous, excited; is everyone acting like they should carpe diem and enjoy what time they have, or are you all looking forward to a 4th season?
Nobody really seems to know what to think. I have heard rumors of a spin-off show starring only Backup and his furry friends.
Rob [Thomas, series creator and creative genius, my personal hero] was recently interviewed saying that he wanted to break up the season long mystery, and do a mystery-of-the-week format for next season, versus the whole Lilly-Kane-murder, bus-crash-murders of seasons past. Are you on board with that?
Anything Rob wants is fine by me.
What should a new viewer to Veronica Mars know before beginning to watch?
They should prepare themselves for watching a Superfly Sheriff Sling Some Snark. Oh, and they should prepare to get addicted to the show and buy all three seasons on DVD.
Is the cast as genuinely likeable as they all seem? Do you all get along as well as it would appear to the outside observer? You all interact like a family; does that translate into your scenes on the set?
I can safely say people like Enrico [Colantoni, Keith Mars] and Ryan [Hansen, Dick Casablancas] are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met [editor‘s note – AGREED!]. I love chatting with Tina [Majorino, Mac], she’s really great. What I like about her is that I just get the feeling that she is so strong. She’s strong in a way without being intimidating. Strength suits her quite well.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? (I have one that involves dancing every day for 15 minutes, which I’ve been successful at keeping since 1/1. Not sure how long it will last!)
You’re gonna laugh, but I actually promised myself I would try and carry out more spiders as I find them from time to time in my house rather than smushing them and flushing them. I already do try and pick them up in my hand and release them out front but I am not consistent and that doesn’t seem fair to the spiders I indiscriminately crush. I told you you’d laugh! Whatever, I have a place in my heart for all living things.
What appearances do you have coming up; anything that your fans should be on the look out for?
I actually hope to be announcing a new project quite soon. Quite soon.
Are you absolutely thrilled at the idea of Battlestar Galactica Sundays? Comes back 1/21 at 10; I personally cannot wait!
I saw on my TIVO that it would be on Sundays. It never mattered to me when it aired, as long as it was being recorded so I could watch when I have time. Now there is a show that I hope goes on for 10 more seasons. I don’t see how I could do without my BSG fix. Oh how I’d love to do that show. I’d probably go out there to shoot and (oops) lose my return plane ticket and just stay up there and tell them to keep writing for me forever!
So there you have it folks – a little insight into the world of Michael Muhney. He’s got class, charm, and the incredible ability to make me feel like we’ve been friends for years! We’ll check in with him in a few weeks, see how the rest of the season is going to go!
In other news….
Living spoiler free has been completely rewarding!!! I had absolutely no idea what was going to be happening on the four-hour (wonderfully entertaining) premiere of 24 last weekend. All of that great Helo-shoots-Athena-to-save-Hera shocking stuff on Battlestar Galactica? I had no idea! Did I know that Mr. O’Malley would die on Grey’s Anatomy? NO! If you have the opportunity to completely remove yourself from the Spoiler World, do it! I cannot impress on you enough how rewarding it is!
Coming up this week, we’ve got new episodes of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars – I’m going to attempt to watch GG without feeling that hatred in the back of my mind that I’ve had for Christopher. Fingers crossed that I succeed!!
For those of you who haven’t watched my new favorite television show Friday Night Lights – Wednesday is as good a time as any to get into this amazing show!! Who needs to watch the judges on American Idol berate the people who have absolutely no talent when you can watch my new favorite people do their Friday Night Lights thing????
Welcome back, Monk and Psych! I know that a few people around here aren’t big fans of Monk, but I thought the first new episode of the second half of the season was great. Monk was great with his best friend Andy Richter. James Roday and Dule Hill provided an hour of sheer entertainment with the second half of the freshman series, Psych.
I went against everything I believe in Sunday night and watched the final 2 minutes of 7th Heaven. I feel like I need to atone for my sins by watching all 5 seasons of Everwood back to back…..
Are you watching Rome and Extras on HBO? James Purefoy and Kevin McKidd are absolutely phenomenal actors, not to mention pretty darn cute. It has gotten me completely interested in the part of history classes that I used to ignore! Ricky Gervais (my comedic hero) is perfect as poor sap Andy Millman on Extras.
How about The L Word on Showtime? It’s so good this season that I can’t wait for the season to fly by!
That’s it for me this week – any questions you want to ask Michael Muhney? Let me know –

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  • Lynn

    Friday Night Lights IS perfect. I’ve been trying to spread the word and that’s exactly how I describe it to people. They don’t really “get it” until they watch. What a tragedy if that show gets cancelled.

  • Kel

    Man, it’s so wonderful to see that someone else thinks Michael Muhney is like, the absolute greatest in the world. And his resolution to carry out the spiders? BRAVE MAN. Cause they terrify me. So good luck with that!!

  • Everwood only had four seasons. Still, shame on you! Watching 7th Heaven has been proven to make laboratory rats grow a third eye. True story.

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  • Ah! I knew Everwood only had 4 seasons, but I typed 5 anyway! Maybe it was wishful thinking!!