Michael Ausiello is reporting today that Emily VanCamp (Amy Abott from EVERWOOD) has been cast as Holly Harper’s never-before-seen but much talked about daughter Rebecca on ABC’s BROTHERS & SISTERS. EVERWOOD fans rejoice! If you have yet to jump on the BROTHERS & SISTERS bandwagon, as of now you officially have no choice. Take it from someone who misses EVERWOOD so much that I often find myself traveling from town to town in search of a ferris wheel — BROTHERS & SISTERS is the next best thing to a fifth season of EVERWOOD. Be sure to tune in this week and check it out, 10PM ABC.

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  • At the end of every episode I can’t figure out how the one I just watched is better than the last. Can this show get any better? First Treat Williams and now Emily VanCamp – it just shot up another million points. If you loved Everwood, if you love quality television and you’re not watching Brothers & Sisters you are really missing out. Catch up with the episodes on-line or just jump in on the next episode. You will get it without missing anything.

    I am so happy Amy..I mean Emily is back. Can we now push to get Tom Amandes on the show?

  • I agree completely.

    Brothers & Sisters does help fill the Everwood void and seeing Emily join the cast is great news.

    And I would also love to add Chris Pratt to the list of Everwoodians that needs to make the move.

  • Maybe Chris Pratt could play Holly’s other child from another marriage (though that would be weird to have Chris and Emily play Brothers and Sisters again, though, it would be appropriate for the show I guess).

    Man, I just LOVE this news about Emily joining B&S!!!

  • Common Sense

    You know the honchos at The CW have to be kicking themselves big time, now that they see their grand replacement, Runaway, lasted three episodes. Meanwhile, Everwood creator Greg Berlanti and superpopular teen queen, Emily VanCamp, are generating such HUGE BUZZ for a new drama drawing comparisons to Everwood. Yes, CW, you had that talent in YOUR STABLE and you shoo-ed the horse away. You’ll never live that one down.

    (Just read the comments section in today’s Ausiello Report concerning Emily’s addition, if you still don’t “get it” regarding this girl’s popularity, CW.)

  • Liz

    Now, if only we could get Greg Smith a part we’d be all set. I still miss Ephram the most… 🙂 I looooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee that they cast Emily. Ha, phna, phna phna CW.

  • Colleen

    Emily Vancamp will be the reason I will start watching Brothers & Sisters—She is fabulous