GILMORE GIRLS: Ode to Michele

Okay, maybe it was just the Cheesy Bites Pizza talking (Yes, it’s back baby!), but the honest to goodness truth is that for the first time EVER, Michel made me laugh! His awkward moment with Luke where he asked him if his family owns some sort of flannel factory was the funniest line Michel’s ever uttered (or is it the only funny line Michel’s ever uttered?)

Michele aside, the other oddity from last night’s episode of GILMORE GIRLS was an actual story-line for Lane. Now I’m no Doctor (I watch far too much TV for that), but shouldn’t Lane be on bed rest? She’s Enormous! So much so that the entire episode I was literally waiting for her to fall over, that, or explode.

I also loved her reaction to when the customers at Luke’s asked her if she was pregnant. But a tip to readers everywhere, never, and I mean NEVER ask a woman when she’s due unless you’re 1000% sure she’s pregnant. Believe me, I’ll never make that mistake again.

And finally, it took half a season (well, really five seasons), but it looks like Luke and Lorelai are on the path to living happily ever after. Loved how the camera constantly focused on Lorelai as she finally came to realize what vocal TelevisionWithoutPity fans have been screaming (sorry, politely posting about) for years. Luke and Lorelai belong together. Christopher, it’s been fun, but I think you time in Stars Hollow is coming to an end.

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  • Jacki

    Was Lane supposed to look completely ridiculously huge? I’ve never seen a pregnant person (even with twins) who looked that gigantic. (It reminded me of that episode a few seasons ago when she was going to Korea and she had that ungodly suitcase that was way bigger than her. Seemed more like a fantasy scene from Scrubs than a realistic scene from Gilmore Girls.)

  • I also laughed out loud at Michel’s flannel comment.

    I also agree that Lane looked too big, even for a short person pregnant with twins. Her belly was almost as big as the rest of her. She wasn’t just bulging forward, she was bulging side to side. I think there may be one or two extra babies floating around in there that they don’t even know about yet.

    It was nice seeing Lorelai and Rory back together, and I’m also warming up to the growing relationship between Luke & April.

    However, some things lately seem forced. Some of Lorelai’s monologues seem “overly-Lorelai-ish” if you know what I mean. She’s always been a verbose fast-talker, but she’s even wordier than usual lately. Combine that with Christopher’s tendancy to talk the same way, and it just gets monotonous. What was once quirky and appealing is becoming unnatural and annoying. And that wall mask that April gave Luke was pretty hideous. I can understand him pretending to like it, but him emphasizing how much he liked it felt fake.

  • Common Sense

    GG tanked vs. Idol, which is unusual, because it usually holds up very well. This episode lacked “something”…and I believe it’s Emily. Her appearances are so compelling.

  • CS, I completely agree…. Emily Gilmore always adds so much to every scene she’s in.

  • Lunco

    I can’t believe Michele never made you laugh before. I think he is the character with the best and funniest sarcasm out there. XD
    And Lane was to big, definitively to big.
    I hate Gigi though, she’s annoying and interrupts mother & daughter conversations.

  • Tonya

    Is it just me or was this epi kind of dull and boring? I was expecting a lot more since it had been on break for so long. Something just felt off with the writing or acting, or something. I was kind of disappointed with Veronica Mars too…expectations were definetly not met.