Looking for that perfect replacement for when THE OC ends its run on February 22? Why not give FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS a try. Think ONE TREE HILL, but with good acting, compelling stories and the two best parents on television (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton). Don’t let another quality drama go the way of BOOMTOWN and FIREFLY! Tune in tonight at 8PM on NBC.

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  • Sam

    I LOVED Boomtown! I wish they’d syndicate it. They syndicate Firefly on one of my HD channels, which I never originally got to see since it was gone before I finished blinking my eyes twice.

  • How awesome was last night’s episode?

    Everyone in that cast just nails it, hands down. So awesome.

    I hope one day to have a relationship like the one between Coach and Tami – it’s so loving and self-deprecating. Perfect!

  • Geri

    Let me tell you this: I am from Germany and I have absolutely no clue about how football works ( American Football that is), I still don´t know how many players there are in a team, I still don´t get all the different positions and game play, I once sat in a sports bar in NY, everyone was clapping for reasons I didn´t get but still I really do I enjoy this show. Why? Because it has such great characterizations, wonderful actor and actresses paired with amazingly well written scripts.

    Plus Mr. and “Mrs.” Coach are the loveliest couple around. And how can anyone not just want to give Matt a hug? Seriously now;) Calling FNL just another stupid sports show is like calling Grey´s Anatomy just another hospital show or calling Battlestar Galactica an unrealistical sci-fi show.

    BTW: One Tree Hill…what the hell?!? And it has nothing to do with my dislike of another American sport – basketball. I usually don´t mak fun of other people´s fave shows but OTH? Ehhh…no depth whatsoever

  • Liz

    Geri, I was born in America and I STILL have no idea how to play football. Let’s just enjoy the show, shall we? : )

  • Geri

    So how exactly do you survive Superbowl Nights? Cheer when everyone else cheers? Or just use the time drinking, eating? Just curious;)

  • Liz

    I know the basics like, but beyond that it’s all a disguise. Yes, I watch when people are either cheering, pumping their fist in the air, or yelling profusely at the tv screen. From that I mimick and sometimes mock, but lightly. Basically I enjoy the commercials and food, if you can’t enjoy the game at least enjoy the fun dishes. That’s the real party.