Veronica Mars: I Love Mac!

Did the woman of VERONICA MARS not learn anything from the Hearst Rapist? Last season, Mac’s boyfriend (Beaver, err Cassidy) turned out to be a wee bit crazy to say the least, and the first half of this season featured a serial rapist terrorizing the College Campus — yet Veronica and Parker were all to quick to shut the door and leave defenseless Mac with some random guy [who may be a criminal!] in their dorm room! Come on girls, smarten up!

Female stupidity aside, I was thrilled with last nights January premiere of VERONICA MARS, and the return of the super-slueths, Veronica, Mac and now apparently Parker (what exactly does she study anyways?). Who’d have thought Parker would have the best line of the night when she tried to encourage her new posse to open up their dorm room for the floor party, “We’re approaching critical pathetic mass if the girl who most wants to host gentlemen callers is the most recent victim of a sexual assault.”

Speaking of the party eh, I absolutely loved Veronica and Mac’s interpretation of Canada. As a fellow Canadian, I do feel it’s my duty to pass along a few things that were missing: snow, a mention of hockey, a Canadian Beer (Molson Canadian) and of course — a reference to Celine Dion.

Over on the mystery front, I really enjoyed watching Keith question Professor Landry about the murder/suicide of Dean O’Dell. My one issue though, did he really think Professor Landry wouldn’t know who he is? Thanks to his very public history as the former Sheriff of Neptune, Keith is probably one of the most recognizable faces in town. How did this not occur to him? I also don’t think Professor Landry killed Dean O’Dell — like all MARS mysteries, the professor is far too obvious a choice. That said, Professor Landy is obviously very smart, and it would be fascinating to set him up as somewhat of a nemesis to Keith. It will be very interesting to see what other suspects are woven into the story.

A final thought: Does anybody not want to own their own monkey after that episode? I’d name mine Mac — if I didn’t already have a dog with that same name [see pics]. Tina Majorino completely rocks and it’s so nice to see her back on VERONICA MARS.

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  • It’s obviously someone in Veronica’s class or creepy Tim the TA.

  • Sam

    I thought the same thing when Veronica and Parker left Mac alone with Bronson. Like, hello! And YAY, that was the most we’ve seen of Mac all season. I hope now that she has a love interest that she’ll be around more.

    Aye, we’re broken up, no we’re not, we’re broken up, no we’re not. I’m ready for Piz and Veronica. When can get past all the high school back and forward drama with LoVe?

    And yes I want a pet monkey now but not just any pet mokey, I want THE pet monkey. The very type of monkey that television loves to use. We always see that kind of monkey (what kind is it anyway?) It’s so frackin adorable.

  • Tim G – why is it obviously in someone’s class? The paper was posted online, anyone could access it!

    Sam – I’m looking forward to Veronica breaking up with Logan… how can Neptune’s smartest girl be so dumb in the LoVe department?

  • August

    So glad VM is back! Loved that there was so much Mac in this episode and it looks like Tina has lost some weight. I am also getting sick of LoVe going back and forth. Why bring them back together when the previews show them already getting in a big fight in the next ep? I not really feeling Piz and Veronica either though, wouldn’t be so bad if she was single for a while. Looking forward to next week!

  • K

    I was going to say the same thing. I think it’s the T.A. too although i’m not sure what his motive would be.

  • Knowing Rob Thomas, we should all go back and rewatch the season premiere. I’m sure there is one line that we all glossed over yet upon further investigation will show us a motive for the dean’s death!

  • Liz

    Right, I absolutely agreed with you on leaving Mac alone with a stranger but I also had a problem with Veronica’s quick decision to get back with Logan. Now I am a self-proclaimed LoVe ‘shipper but seriously. SERIOUSLY. I just don’t see Veronica being that forgiving, that fast. Furthermore, the trailer for next week’s episode seems to insinuate Logan went after erm, a ‘lady of the evening’ while they were on break, a cause for another fight between the star crossed couple. Again, would Logan really do that?

    I think I should stop this rant, and regretabbly, stop watching VM. Oh well, at least I have Friday Night Lights to look forward to.

  • bring on the ViP! (I know, it’s not LoVe but it’s cute.)

  • You should trademark “ViP” asap!

  • Tim

    I was glad to VM back last night too. I, too, thought it strange they left here alone with a boy who may have been a criminal. Or did they read ahead in the script and “knew”? Just joking. As for Mac, I love her too!!! Isn’t she on some other show thus doing double duty? That’d explain her absence. As for the V and L reunion, I didn’t see that. But as all couples know, sometimes, you go back to what u know. Logan is what Veronica knows. Tim W.

  • She was shooting HBO’s BIG LOVE when she wasn’t on VERONICA MARS last year. She has a really funny supporting role – she plays the friend of Bill Paxton’s daughter who is coincidentally played by none other then Lilly Kane!

  • Alexa

    So, um, why did you make a website for your dog? haha

  • Tim

    Thanks tv addict, I love your website and look at it daily. I don’t get to watch as much tv as I’d like or use to, but I enjoy the few shows I do. Thanks for all the hard work. Also, thanks for the information about the actress playing Mac and the fact Lilly Kane is on Big Love too. lol I did not know this. I don’t have cable. (I hear gasps here.) So, I don’t watch any cable shows. Although, a friend taped Nip/Tuck and Project Runway for me. lol With college at my age, I do good to keep up with what I do. Thanks, Tim W. aka College Virgin