Why I’m Done with 24

I thought last season may have been an aberration, a one time thing. But this season the same thing’s happening. I’m simply not looking forward to watching new episodes of 24. Gone is the excitement, the anticipation, the surprise. Watching 24 has become more of a chore — something I do just so I can fit in, be cool, keep up my self-proclaimed status as an official ‘TV addict.’ But honestly, it’s time to end this charade. I can’t keep faking it any longer. I’m just going to come clean and say it — I’m bored with 24.

The unfortunate reality is that even though it tries to shock us at every turn, 24 has simply become too formulaic. Each season starting with season two follows the exact same predictable path. There are new members of CTU (who won’t all survive the season), a random family in peril and an angry villain who generally has some vague connection to none other then (wait for it…) Jack Bauer!

Sounds exciting right? Well by the midway point of the season, here’s what invariably happens: One member of CTU will die (generally a semi-regular who was added to the cast last season and is important enough to be in the credits, but not so important that we’ll really care). The ‘family in peril’ story will be wrapped up within the first few episodes, with a good 75% of the family surviving and at least one family member dead. And finally, the villain who Jack will go to any lengths to defeat will either be killed only to reveal that he was just working for ‘the man,’ or that he was just a diversion for an even worse problem that Jack will have to solve in the final half of the season.

Don’t get me wrong, 24 is an entertaining ride with some of the finest production values on TV. But this Monday at 9PM you’ll find me watching HEREOS on NBC knowing full well that when the clock runs down on 24 — Jack will be victorious once again.

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  • hmm… That’s funny. I was just thinking that I’m giving up on 24 again this year because a) I can’t keep up already and b) It’s all kinda the same now and doesn’t have the same ring/buzz to it as the first few seasons (even though last year may have been the best season of all).

  • Common Sense

    I stayed around for it after last week’s Prison Break. A decent show, but, honestly…with all that’s going on in the real world, why would I want to sit thru a terrorist-infested show? It just starts to make me “hate” even more, and that’s not what TV’s supposed to be about.

  • Sam

    On the one hand I see what you’re saying and agree. On the other, I want to tell you to see if they change anything this season and to stick it out. But then if they don’t, you’d have watched an entire season of a show you knew better than to watch for nothing. I’ll keep watching though. It’s a lot better than some of the trash that’s on tv these days.

  • tdot

    Where is this weeks Podcast!?!?

  • Mara

    OMG, I’m not the only one! I said exactly this to my husband the other day. Every season is the same formula — just made darker and darker to keep up the shock value. Will I continue to watch? Probably, but only thanks to my DVR. Plus, as Sam says “It’s a lot better than some of the trash that’s on tv these days.” First priority Monday nights is Heroes…I’ll catch up on 24 as I get the chance.