For once, the marketing department didn’t disappoint. In fact, for the first time ever, ABC may have undersold the final five minutes of last night’s GREY’S ANATOMY. Not ONE, but TWO marriage proposals! I didn’t see that coming. Will Christina say yes to Burke? My guess is yes. Will Callie accept George’s proposal? Judging from Callie’s reaction, I’m going to say no. Of course when it comes to predicting the ups and downs of Seattle Grace, my track record is spotty at best.

That said, I totally called it, not that I’m sure everyone who was watching didn’t see it coming! On one of the podcasts (sorry, I can’t remember which one) I said that Izzie would be using her 8 million dollars to open up the Denny Memorial Wing. I did not foresee that the wing would be a free clinic started by Dr. Bailey. Yet I loved her explanation to McDreamy, McSteamy, Addison and Burke about why she needed to do this.

Speaking of Bailey, My favourite scene of the night was when the Chief told Bailey that she’d be Chief someday. Poor Chief, you knew it was coming — Adele said she wasn’t going to wait around and she didn’t. I wonder what mysterious man was in the Chief’s house?

Finally. the race for Chief of surgery. Derek, Addison, Burke and Sloan. Who do you think is going to win it? My money’s on McDreamy.

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  • “The Nazi’s back.”

    Favorite line from last night.

  • Nimisha

    i think that the chief will be so heartbroken about Adele that he will need something to keep him busy and wont retire and will stick around for another couple of years until Bailey is “ready” and then let her take over..

  • Jenn

    McDreamy is the easy way to go for the new chief. I can’t predict a winner, but i do like Nimisha’s view above.
    Also, i just have to say “how cute” with Merideth and McDreamy – her first real relationship.

  • Sam

    I disliked the two marriage proposals. I know that Grey’s Anatomy is far away from reality as you can get in a lot of things, but I’ve always enjoyed the relationships and the way they’re written. What are the odds two main characters would be proposing to two more main characters on the same night at the same time? Cliche and tired.

    Everything else was great though.

  • Tim

    I loved the ep last night, and I didn’t see the marriage proposals coming. lol As for Meredith admitting McDreamy was her first relationship per se, I could relate. lol There’s always hope. Tim W.

  • I loved it too. It was one of the best GA episodes.

    The case of the week broke my heart when the best friend told her to go home and die as an Amish and then her mother finally spoke to her and recognized how amazing she was. I was bawling like a baby all 3 times I’ve watched it.

    My favorite scene was between the Chief and Bailey when he was explaining to her that her future was the Chief’s job, but that she would need a different chair because of her short legs. That cracked me up!

    And my money is on McDreamy for Chief as well.