theTVaddict Screening Room: THE OFFICE

This week, is thrilled to preview a new clip from the upcoming February 1 episode of THE OFFICE. This never-before-seen clip features yet another hilarious “Michael Scott Joint”. In this installment, Michael tries to pass some important lessons onto his ‘son’ in the event of his unexpected death. Click here to head on over to Screening Room and view the clip.

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  • Dennis

    I commented before that my wife and I find Prison Preak a ball, and that we found the Office boring. Someone commented that we should have given the Office a try, and another said we needed serious therapy. Trying to be fair, we watched this “hilarious” Office clip, trying to see what was funny about this show. We now think that we’ll stick with Earl and According to Jim.

  • Guy (From Australia)

    I think the office is one of the crappiest shows on american tv how the hell does it win best comedy in the sag awards i would have voted desperate housewives or ugly betty but not the office. how this show is on tv is obserd i prefer my name is earl or how i met your mother