Veronica Mars Does Canada

I’ve been waiting for this clip to show up on YouTube all week Eh. Check out Veronica, Mac and Parker’s interpretation of Canada. The only thing that was missing was some Celine Dion, Poutine and a reference to NHL Hockey.

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  • tdot

    2 weeks without a podcast???
    : (

  • “and I almost forgot aboot…”

  • As a card carrying Canadian, I’d like to say we DO NOT say aboot! that is just Americans making us look dumb! eh

  • Sam

    Maybe not tvaddict, but been defniteitely =bean in Canada, lol.

  • Tim

    If Degrassi is any indication, you guys are way closer to saying “aboot” than “about”. It’s somewhere in the middle, leaning towards “aboot”.

  • Amanda

    I love her so very much.