Podcast Update

I just wanted to give everyone a quick Podcast update. My apologies for not getting one up this week (or last for that matter). Rest assured, Ari and I have one ‘in the can’ as the lingo goes, and I’ll be posting it tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who’s emailed and posted asking about the podcast. It’s always nice to hear we actually have listeners.

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  • tdot

    THX, love the podcast!
    and may i sugest a ShoutBox as many other blogs have one!>!>??? it would be a cool addition!

  • Sam

    Of course you have listeners. You aren’t THAT bad (*rolls eyes when you aren’t looking*). I definitely enjoy the banter. You guys actually listen to your listeners and it shows (thus the toned down version of Ari was born)

  • nic

    I listen every week (or whenever you have a new podcast) so you are not speaking to an empty void.
    I do have to disagree with your love of Studio 60 though . If it wasn’t for Steven Weber, Tim Busfield and Matt Perry, this show would be utter crap. I have not really watched any Sorkin series before, and therefore have only heard of his “genius”. It certainly isn’t present in this show. The characters are self-righteous or unlikeable and the romantic cliches are getting creepy. Except for Jack. They need to retool and just focus on him, with a little of Matt, Cal, Tom and Lucy.

  • christine

    ♥ the podcast