Since finishing last night’s installment of HEROES, I’ve been sitting at my desk trying to figure out exactly what kind of superpower the executives at NBC have. Is it the power of persuasion, or simply the ability to control my mind?

Once again, the NBC marketing department fooled me into getting far too excited about the addition of two new characters into the HEROES family. Hiro’s father, George Takei (STAR TREK — in case you’ve lived in a cave for forty years), and Claire’s Bio-mom, played by Jessalyn Gilsig (NIP/TUCK).

Yet as I expected, their appearance wasn’t until the final few minutes of the episode, where we learn that Hiro and Ando were indeed ‘kidnapped’ by Hiro’s father (no surprised there) and that Claire’s biological mother is indeed alive — again, not shocked, but her power to control fire, okay that was cool. Bonus points for Hiro though, the fact that he stuck by Ando’s side shows that you don’t actually need superpowers to be a hero! (yes, that read as cheesy as it sounds).

So what were we left with? Sitting through an hour that revolved around two of HEROES most annoying characters — Matt (Greg Grunberg) and Niki (Ali Larter). How sweet, Matt and his wife are having a baby. It doesn’t take super-powers to predict that the baby’s most likely not his. And Niki, poor multi-personality Niki. Who’d have thought that an actress as stunning as Ali Larter would be saddled with the series most tedious story-line. Can bad-ass Jessica please ‘kill’ annoying Niki so Ali Larter and more importantly the audience, can start having some fun.

Of course with Sylar’s final line “How’s Claire” and yet another phenomenal promo for next week (NBC marketing deserves an Emmy for their promos alone), there’s no doubt I’ll be back here next week to find out who Claire’s real dad is (Nathan? Mr. Linderman?) and why exactly George Takei is so disappointed with his son.

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  • Autumn_Reeser

    It’s Jess”alyn” Gilsig 😉

  • I’m betting it’s Nathan as Claire’s biological pop. That’s why the producers were so vehemently pooh-poohing the whole Peter/Claire thing. He’s Unckie Pete!

  • I wonder if that’s why Nathan was so against Peter going to Texas… he knew Claire was down there somewhere and didn’t want Peter to discover his infedelity. But on the other hand, Nathan is so against all this superpower mumbojumbo….. unless it’s an act…. it would seem hard to believe that Claire is his kid. As next week’s preview alludes to – Nathan already knows about Claire (if he is the man on the other end of the phone).

  • John

    I thought Claire’s father might be Sylar.

  • Imon Dalist

    Nathan did not know about Claire because she was supposedly dead. Mr. Linderman, though, seems like the ideal father. Who is this guy? They show a sleeve in the commercial and it looks like a shirt Nathan would wear. It can’t be Sylar because he wants to kill her and anybody who gets in his way; maybe he wants to kill her because he’s afraid she is the only one who can defeat him…I don’t know. I LOVE THIS SHOW>>>

    (Made a shirt with all of the characters’ names on it.)

  • Nathan is my guess for Claire’s father too.

  • Erica

    I actually enjoyed the Petrelli and Benet stories–there just wasn’t enough of it this week. Too much Psycop; too much NikiFamily.

    Nathan for the paternal win, Alex.

  • JennyC

    Nathan or Linderman. It would be interesting if Sylar is Claire’s father. Remember how he was saying to the doctor taking ‘care’ of Sylar that the boss won’t be too pleased with Sylar being dead. This boss must be Linderman.

  • JennyC

    I have to add that the Nikki-Jessica storyline is wearing me down. Get on with it already! Whenever Matt is placed near his wife, the story is so dull. How cheesy was that cutesy mind-reading game he had with his wife?!

    Sidenote: Did anyone notice that Nathan’s wife is on 24 as Jack’s brother’s wife?