My Take on TV: February Sweeps

If there is one time of year that I love almost as much as I love Emmy season? It is Sweeps. February Sweeps, to be exact. November sweeps set up good stories to push us into the holiday season with a bang. May sweeps usher us into the summer, to set us up for a long three months until premiere time in the fall.

But February sweeps? February sweeps blow us away like the other special months, but they don’t push us into a long break of reruns. They set us up for a thrilling rest of the season. They propel our stories forward, they leave us on the edge of our seats, and they keep us ready and waiting for more.

As we all know by now, I’m keeping spoiler free until the end of the season. That means, I have no idea what we’re in for in the coming weeks. But that doesn’t mean I can’t speculate about (or wish or hope for) what’s coming up on our favorite shows!!!

Prison Break – Do I honestly think that they’ll find Sara Tancredi and that everything will be hunky dory? No, but I would like to see something happen on that front. I want Michael and Sara to sort of live happily ever after. I would like to avoid seeing a lot of T-Bag and to be perfectly honest, I could do without the C-Note story as well. I would like Linc and Michael get something right, and I would love for Kellerman to not turn against them.

24 – I want Jack Bauer to continue kicking serious ass. I kind of hope that Milo and Morris work out their issues so that I can enjoy them more. Otherwise, I just want the show to keep stepping up to the plate and hitting it out of the park.

Veronica Mars – I am normally the biggest LoVe supporter in the world, but I seriously would like them to split for good, or stay together. Do I think that Veronica and Piz would make a good couple? Not necessarily, but I think something big like that, during sweeps, is just what the show needs. I also would like to see more Wallace and more Weevil, and more everyone else in general!

Gilmore Girls – everyone knows that I’d like Christopher to hit the road and not come back. Ever. Fingers crossed that by the end of sweeps, the storyline is set in motion for Lorelai to get back on track, regain the backbone she apparently lost in Season 6, and become the person we used to love. I also want more Lorelai / Rory stuff, and more Rory / Lane stuff. I imagine that Lane’s babies are coming soon, so that should be extremely exciting as well!

Friday Night Lights – I want Matt and Julie to continue being the coolest couple in the world next to only Tami and Eric Taylor. I want Riggins to wash hair. I want Lyla and Jason to realize that they’re too young to be engaged, and I want the show to continue blowing me away and making me cry.

Ugly Betty – the only thing that I want to see happen is for Betty to realize that Walter is all wrong for her, and that Henry is the coolest person alive. Also, more Betty / Daniel karaoke and I’ll be happy for life ha!

Grey’s Anatomy – If we’re meant to believe that Addison left New York only 8 months ago, I feel it’s too soon for George and Callie to be engaged, so I’d actually like to see her say no. I want Meredith and Derek to stay happy. I hope we see something huge, something to rival the amazing Super Bowl episode from last season. If I know my Grey’s, they won’t disappoint!

Battlestar Galactica – I have two wishes for BSG in the coming few weeks. I want the Kara Thrace special destiny story to be handled well. I kind of want her to turn out to be a Final-Fiver. I want the story to shock me, and I don’t want it to be “just for kicks one year later” type shocking but truly “oh my god I can’t think straight” shocking. My other wish is for Mary McDonnell and James Callis to continue sharing as much screen time as possible because they are phenomenal together!

Bones – I’m just glad that Fox didn’t move it to Fridays, so essentially, I’m just looking forward to a solid four weeks of the show that I’m having a not-so-secret love affair with. Give me more Booth and Brennan love each other and are best friends and totally have each others’ back type storylines, and show me more Angela/Hodgins relationship stuff, and give me more Zach has a haircut and a new job storylines. Get rid of Cam, and I’ll be happy!!

Lost – show me something amazing. Wow me. Make me fall in love with you all over again. Then I’ll be happy.
I’m sure there are a million other shows I could reflect on, but these are the things I want to see on the shows that are currently on my mind. What do you want to see in the coming Sweeps weeks on your favorite shows?

In Other News…

I spend any free time that I have watching episode upon episode of the completely enrapturing HBO hour-long, Rome. It is brilliantly acted, engaging, and intriguing. It’s entertaining but it helps me to learn a bit about what life may have been like. I’m looking forward to a new, older, strong Octavian and the inevitable Marc Antony and his darling Cleopatra pairing.

USA Friday nights continue to entertain me. James Roday is quickly climbing the list of “my TV husbands” (which includes My Kiefer, Taylor Kitsch, Jason Dohring, and Zach Gilford, to name a few). In this past episode, my favorite thing in the entire hour was the way that Shawn Spencer ran in his space-museum suit. It’s just the kind of sight gag that makes for a small delight!

Congrats to America Ferrera, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Office on their SAG wins. Love them all!!

One last thought about Degrassi – I knew that JT was going to die. I knew it was coming, but it didn’t prepare me for the actual episode where it would happen. I was completely caught off guard, and was so sad for JT and Liberty and Tobes. It’s so sad! I’ll miss Ryan Cooley!!!

Okay, that’s it for this week.
Let’s hope that some of my Sweeps predictions / expectations come true!!

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  • TB

    >>Bones – I’m just looking forward to a solid four weeks of the show that I’m having a not-so-secret love affair with.

    We’re only getting 3 weeks of new shows 🙁 1/31, 2/7 & 2/14) 🙁

    American Idol decided it wanted to extend yet another show…so we’ll have to wait yet another 2 weeks (3/7) for the next new one after that. *shakes head at FOX*

  • Way to break my heart, FOX network….