A Lesson for Lorelai Gilmore

After last night’s installment of the GILMORE GIRLS, a lot of fans have emailed theTVaddict perplexed as to why Lorelai would write a letter to Luke on paper. As a public service announcement to our younger readers, I thought I’d take a moment to explain.

Long before the world of internet, computers and flat-screen TV’s (yes, there was a time when these devices didn’t exist and people actually had to talk to eachother!) — there was this magical device known as a ‘pen and paper’. As crazy as this might sound, when you wanted to write a friend a letter, you didn’t just email, instant message, or ‘sms’ them. You actually had to put pen to paper and use your hand to write down your thoughts (I know, crazy!). Scientists believe the image below is an example of what something like this may have looked like.

So before you get angry at Lorelai for basically destroying her marriage, take a moment to recognize that Lorelai is a victim of the era in which she grew up in. Stars Hollow moves at quite a slower pace than the rest of the world. Her use of pen and paper really wasn’t her fault — she just didn’t know any better.

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  • Courtney

    Well put! I still have a hard time “writing” directly on the computer and definitely prefer to handwrite personal letters. And come to think of it, leaving it somewhere that people could find it completely accidentally is also something I would do…

  • gadz

    Well, my problem is that nobody is able to decipher my handwirting. Yet I think that writing without using a computer is a nice way to express the importance of a reader/topic.

  • Hee hee! Actually, it’s the legal profession that moves at so slow a pace. 🙂