Got Questions for HEROES George Takei?

This Thursday, will have the opportunity to talk to legendary actor George Takei (Sulu on STAR TREK, and now Hiro’s dad on HEROES). If you have a question for NBC’s newest Hero (or is it villain?), please post below and I’ll do my best to get it answered.

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  • JennyC

    Can you ask George Takei if he would enjoy becoming a series regular or is that in the works?

  • plinstrot

    It has been mentioned that season 2 of Heroes will delve into Hiro’s family background. Is that something you think you’ll come back for?

    Not Heroes related but PLEASE ask:

    What was it like shooting your episode of Star Trek: New Voyages? Are you interested in continuing to work in future incarnations of Star Trek like the 11th Star Trek movie or a television or internet series focusing on Sulu as Captain of the Excelsior?