George Takei Talks HEROES

Hoping to solidify its standing as the years number one new show, HEROES yet again impressed its legion of fans by casting legendary STAR TREK actor George Takei as Hiro’s menacing father. This afternoon, Mr. Takei was kind enough to take an hour out of his day to talk to members of the press about his upcoming arc on the show, where he plays a mysterious father with even more ambigious motives.

Is it safe to say you’re not playing one of TV’s more lovable Dads:
I’m making discoveries with each new script, so it’s hard to make any judgments about that just yet. At first I thought I was just a very concerned father. But as we go on, I’m discovering another dimension to the character, which makes his motives very ambiguous. Why am I doing what I’m doing? What’s my motivation? I’m just like the fans on the internet, learning more with each episode.

Can you talk about the relationship between Mr. Nakamura and his son Hiro?
Everything in life has consequences, and one of the most consequential acts is creating another human life. Mr. Nakamura is a father, and I’m discovering that there is a whole different kind of consequences with my particular son.

That’s really what HEROES is about, examining consequences of ones actions. Claire for instance has a father, be he has responded to his consequences in a very different way. And there in lies a whole different kind of drama.

Is there a genetic basis for Hiro’s power?
It’s intriguing isn’t it? I share the same sense of fascination that the audience does. As an actor, I only know as much as the script shares with me. I’m eager to know if I may have passed enhanced (or special) DNA to my son Hiro.

Does your character interact with other Heroes?
Oh yes oh yes, that’s part of the surprise! And HEROES fans enjoy the surprises, so I don’t want to ruin it.

Are we going to meet a Mrs. Nakamura?
I hope so… great question [laughter]… [akward pause as if he knows something yet can’t say!] This I can tell you… I’m not ruining a surpise when I say Hiro has a sibling, a very accomplished one…

How many episodes are you on?
As of now I’m in two more episodes, this weeks, then we skip one, then we discover I’m more intertwined then we initially thought, and I’ll be back for one more.

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  • JennyC

    Thanks for posting the interview. I love George Takei. He is such a character on and off screen. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of him as a regular on the show!

  • he was very inspired casting, glad he was able to do it.

  • Hoser

    I like how he managed to say absolutely nothing and yet I was strangely pleased at the end of the interview. Thanks for posting.