THE OC: Two Big Surprises!

On last night’s episode of THE OC, Julie Cooper (Nicol Roberts and now Atwood perhaps?) finally decided to give love a try, choosing Frank (Ryan’s Dad) over the seriously cash infused ‘Bullit’. Since the show is coming to an end in a mere three episodes, this TV Addict isn’t about to begrudge Julie a happy ending — even though I don’t know if Frank will be able to provide for Julie in the matter in which she’s accustom to.

That said, Julie choosing love over money wasn’t the most surprising thing with regards to last night’s episode of THE OC. The biggest surprise (and coolest thing) was that it actually turns out I went to summer camp (Walden) with one of the talented artists that performed the song that played over the episode’s final moments. Mike Wise (pictured above holding the guitar, performing at a camp-wide talent show) is the talented guitar player for THE MIDWAY STATE, an up and coming band from my very own home town of Toronto, Canada. The song that’s stuck in your head is called ‘Unaware’ and you can watch it play over last night’s final scene by visiting Screening Room.

For The Midway State MySpace Page, click here.
To check out their fantastic first album on iTunes, click here.

And congratulations to everyone involved with THE MIDWAY STATE. Way to continue Canada’s fantastic tradition of exporting our musical talent south. Next up, GREY’S ANATOMY!

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  • ||TheTVAddictAddict||

    Hahahah. Great post!

    Mike has grown up since then – that was about 11+ years ago if you can believe it. We couldn’t be more proud for him.

  • Sue

    It’s crazy The OC only has 3 more episodes left until it’s over. I haven’t been keeping up as much lately. I think seasons 1 and 2 were the best season’s of the show. I will check out The Midway State and see how they are since I missed the episode with “Unaware” playing. That’s one thing I will miss about The OC. They always had the best indie bands and lots of my favorites performing on the show. If anyone is interested there is a sweepstates you can enter to win Seasons 1-3 of The OC on dvd as well as a new laptop and a vip tour of the warner bros studio. Enter at Has anyone heard of Cyworld? It’s a fun social networking site will cool features like avatars, virtual minirooms, sketchbook, and lots of clubs. I just joined the exclusive Vip Club where they have contests and prize giveaways every month. I work with Cyworld so check it out and enter the sweepstakes!

  • Sue,

    Congrats on some serious shameless promotion — but since it’s Friday and I’m in a good mood, I’ll let it go!


  • Autumn_Reeser

    I just LOVED this thursday’s episode (just watched it). I think it would have been a pretty good series finale, too. Now I’m excited about what’s in store for us for the last three episodes. So sad it’s gonna be over soon…