THE OFFICE: Uncomfortable

Last night’s episode of THE OFFICE was most definitely this TV Addict’s least favourite of the season (possibly ever!). While still entertaining at times, I found the episode overall simply difficult to watch and almost a re-hash of earlier ‘Michael makes the office’ uncomfortable episodes. While it may be the conceit of the show that Michael is simply socially impaired, I’d like to think that after three seasons Mr. Scott has evolved just a little bit as to realize when he’s grossing out the entire office (apparently he hasn’t). I also found his quick personality shift — after he had his lapdance and berated the entire office repetitive and something we’ve seen before (If I were a more addicted OFFICE fan, I’m sure I could reference an earlier episode, but sadly I’ll have to leave it to a reader to back up my point).

That said, the episode had its funny moments, namely Meredith’s surprising ‘Shut Up!’ to Angela when she told the office, “Under no circumstance should a man strip off his clothes in this office,” and Dwight’s shout-out to one of my favourite shows ever (ALIAS):

Jim: Have you ever seen a stripper before??

Dwight: Yes. Jennifer Garner portrayed one on Alias. It was one of her many aliases.?

Jim: Yeah. Me neither.

I suppose that’s the ‘problem’ with creating one of the funniest shows on television. When the bar is set so high, you’re bound to have an episode each season that just doesn’t stand out.

Finally, two quick questions for everybody:

1. Does anybody else think Angela may be pregnant? She spit out her champagne, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her drink before. A baby would certainly be a great way to bring the Dwight/Angela (Dangela?) relationship out in the open. You heard it here first folks!

2. Where was Andy? According to reports all week, actor Ed Helms has been made a series regular. Why no mention of the man who coined the term ‘Big Tuna’?

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  • Blake!

    I watched the internet version of the last new episode, and they had several additional scenes. One at the end had Andy going to “management training” (anger-management training) for the next few weeks, but I’m not sure why the cut that from the regular broadcast version.

  • Jacki

    Oooh, I didn’t catch on to the clue that Angela may be pregnant. Good one! I see that as a strong possibility now that you have pointed it out. (And it’s “Dwangela”.) 🙂

  • Linda B.

    Angela being pregnant does sound plausible. Maybe that would explain why she was so emotional when Dwight was gone.

    My first thought though was that she is such a professional, that no way would one drink at the office. I don’t remember if she had a margarita at the OTHER office party held by Pam and Jim’s girlfriend (i forget her name).

  • Jon

    I thought the episode was pretty funny, not the best of the season, but still pretty good. Yes there was a high cringe factor in this episode, but that is an Office trademark. There were some pretty funny scenes and quotes from this one.

    The whole video tape Michael made to show to his future son, Michael and Ryan’s trip to the sextoy store, Dwight testing Ben Franklin because Jim convinced him it was the real Ben Franklin.

    Michael: It’s a bridal shower for guys. A guy shower. An hour-long shower with guys.

    Ryan: Is this the same grill you grilled your foot on?
    Michael: No. yes.
    Ryan: Oh gross.
    Michael: But I got all the foot off of it.

    Michael: Guys! Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. Who wants some man meat?

    Elisabeth: You want me to answer phones, with my clothes on.
    Dwight: We hired you for three hours work, and we’re gonna get it.

    Elizabeth: Oh my god. I would get so fat if I worked here.
    Pam: Yeah? I lose my appetite all the time.
    Elizabeth: You could strip, you know.
    Pam: Thanks.

    Oh yeah, and I believe that Angela spit out the champagne is because she is so religious and against things that she doesn’t find moral like drinking. If you have watched the show from the beginning, Angela has not drank in any of the episodes where there was alcohol, like when Jim threw an office party at his house, the first xmas episode, and the second xmas episode, and so on. Even though it may be that she is pregnant, I don’t think she didn’t drink because of that.

  • Common Sense

    I prefer “ANGELIGHT.” Can’t believe that hasn’t been used already.

    Got the show on tape, watched Smallville (great). But the above lines are hysterical! “Man meat?!”

    Also, I cannot stand Andy. Hope he stays in “management” a looooonnnnnggggg time.

  • becky

    Oh my gosh, i thought it was a really funny episode. All the stuff with Dwight thinking that guy was the real Benjamin Franklin was hysterical and the man meat with Michael, so funny! I agree with the above comment in that I hope Andy stays in management training a long time in that he is very annoying in my opinion.

  • Sam

    I actually really enjoyed the episode. Too many funny moments to list (Jon got most of them). First 24, then Heroes now The Office? tvaddict are your standards too high this season or is something else?

  • t_dot

    I thought last nights episode was Great…I want some man meat!

    Fav Part!!

    Jim: Have you ever seen a stripper before??

    Dwight: Yes. Jennifer Garner portrayed one on Alias. It was one of her many aliases.?

    Jim: Yeah. Me neither.

  • Yes! I also think Angela is pregnant. Last episode (or the one before that), there was a moment between Dwight and Angela about birth control and you got the feeling she doesn’t use any. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least – and it would take away some anticipation for the whole JAM thing.

  • In a rare difference of opinon, I’m going to have to say I thought this was a really great episode. There was a time when I thought they needed to have Michael acting less obnoxious, to sort of show that he’s grown and learned. But then I realized two things: I know several people in powerful positions who are at least as bad as him and have never changed, and there’s really been no point where something has happened that would MAKE him learn. Nobody calls him on his behavior, for the most part, so he just careens merrily through life thinking he’s the belle of the ball rather than the court jester.

  • Megan

    Clearly you dont know anything if you dont know where Andy is, and you beleive you may be the first to know about Angela’s pregnancy. Bone up a little before you write your half ass blog.