The Dakota Fanning Show on SNL

Amy Poehler does an eerily perfect impersonation of the equally scary [in that pretentious child actor way] Dakota Fanning on SNL’s funniest sketch of the night: THE DAKOTA FANNING SHOW with special guest stars ‘Daniel Radcliffe’ and ‘Abigail Breslin.’

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  • Common Sense

    Yeah, that was good. Also thought Drew Barrymore was great, as usual. The acting and lines she had to do with that “job interview” sketch was remarkable.

    Andy Samberg is definitely my favorite on SNL now. So talented.

  • CS – Drew Barrymore was excellent. Nice to see she turned out so well since her tabloid ridden childhood. Lindsay Lohan should take note.

  • haha i love it.

  • tdot

    This episode was Awesome, Drew was great.

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