Super Bowl Sunday!

The most over-hyped event of the year is upon us — SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. Who will win? The Indianapolis Colts or the Chicago Bears? Peyton Manning or that other guy… seriously folks I’m a TV Addict, not a football one. I honestly don’t care.

I watch the Super Bowl for two reasons and two reasons only. The commercials and the ‘very special episode’ of [fill in show here] that airs after following the game. Sadly this year, my Super Bowl excitement is at an all time low thanks to CBS’ decision to air CRIMINAL MINDS following the game. If you frequent, you know I’m not a fan of generic ‘ripped from the headlines’ procedural dramas and rarely talk about any of them. That said, I’m a sucker for TV network marketing (see my addiction to the constantly over-hyped LOST) and will be turning in tonight to CRIMINAL MINDS with the hopes that it entertains.

Two folks who no doubt share my disappointment with CRIMINAL MINDS being awarded the post-Superbowl timeslot are HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. Bays and Thomas even went as far as to write an entire episode around the Super Bowl, which will now air in the usual 8PM slot on CBS this Monday February 5. You can check out a preview clip of Barney encountering NFL legend Emmitt Smith by clicking here.

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