Emily VanCamp Talks BROTHERS & SISTERS

Damn you Ausiello! Once again, the TV Scoop God snags a fantastic interview with Amy Ab.. er Emily VanCamp, who PLAYED Amy Abott on theTVaddict’s dearly departed favourite show EVERWOOD. Ausiello does a great job of covering all the basis with regards to Emily’s new role as Holly’s mysterious daughter on BROTHERS & SISTERS. But here’s Emily’s answer to whether she misses EVERWOOD? (umm, of course she does)

I do. It was such a tremendous experience. And I love everybody on that show so much. That was the hardest part — saying goodbye to all those people. We still see each other, but it’s not the same. We’re not all in the same place all the time. That part was really hard. And letting go of our characters that we’ve been playing for so long… you get really attached to those people that you’ve created, and suddenly they don’t exist anymore. It was very, very hard. But the response from all of our fans was incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to leave. It’s not like we dwindled away and people got sick of the show. People really were left wanting more, and I think there’s a lot of value to that.

Emily also talks about her upcoming guest starring role on LAW & ORDER: SVU (Feb 13, NBC)

That was crazy. I played this girl who’s a bit of a drug addict, and [I’m led to believe] that I killed my mother. I was high the evening that it happened, so I had no recollection of the evening, and I convince myself that I did it. It’s really, really intense, and totally different from anything I’ve done before, so that was really fun.

For the entire interview, click here. And be sure to tune into the fall’s best new show, BROTHERS & SISTERS this Sunday at 10PM on ABC. Emily’s first episode is February 18.

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  • Thats’s so awesome to see Emily on tv again. I grew up a few minutes away from her hometown, and worked with her sister, so it was always exciting to watch her on Everwood. I admit that I stopped watching Brothers and Sisters a few months ago, but I will definatley catch up and start watching again. Thanks for the info!