HEROES: Surprises

Last night’s episode of HEROES managed to do something that television rarely does anymore — surprise me.

Claire’s Father: Even though all the previews leading up to last night’s episode pointed to Nathan Petrelli as the most obvious choice for Claire’s biological father, I honestly didn’t see it coming. I truly thought Nathan was far too obvious a choice (especially with the revealing promos), and that Claire’s father would be someone far more unexpected (Mr. Linderman perhaps?). Guess that puts to bed all the Peter and Claire hook up theories… ewwww.

More importantly, Nathan being Claire’s bio-dad brings up some really interesting questions. Having known about Claire and being in contact with Claire’s mom, it stands to reason that Nathan knows a lot more about these super-powers then he’s been letting on. Is his knowledge of this ‘secret world’ why he’s so against Peter getting involved. Is he simply trying to protect his brother? Or is there something far more sinister afoot. From episode one, I’ve always thought that there is a lot more to Nathan Petrelli then meets the eye. The ease in which he cheated on his wheelchair-bound wife certainly said a lot about his character. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a far more evil Nathan Petrelli in the future.

Claire’s Mother: Aside from having one awesome power (the ability to control fire), I really enjoyed the moment when the long-lost mother and daughter shared their secret. It was a nice surprise and a great moment — watching Claire finally realize she isn’t alone.

Hiro’s Dad: Talk about serious over-hype. Is it just me or was anyone else seriously under-whelmed by how small, and so far inconsequential George Takei’s role was. Thankfully he’s coming back in two weeks for what we can only assume is a more pivotal role in the show.

In closing, I’ll leave you with a question. Any guesses to who Mr. Linderman is? Do we think HEROES will pull an ALIAS and make him Nathan and Peter’s thought to be dead father?

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  • John

    I thought we had already learned that Linderman was a client of Nathan and Peter’s father.

  • True, but it’s TV….. Nathan, Peter and the audience have never seen Mr. Linderman. Who knows who he really is!

  • Kurt Hayes

    Did you notice the license plate on Hiro’s father’s limo last night? License plate number NCC-1701. The registry numbers of the USS Enterprise. Very cool!

  • Kurt, check out my post two down for a screenshot of the License.


  • Frank

    ten bucks says it was Nathan who caused the fire that “killed” Claire and Mama Claire.

  • matt

    Does anyone knw who the actress is who played the shrinked attacked by Jessica/Niki. One of those things thats driving me nuts because she looks very familar.

  • JennyC

    The shrink for Jessica/Niki looks like the funeral arranger in the movie “Little Miss Sunshine.” Anyway, I can’t express how much into this show I’ve become. I love it. I love the stories and the richness of the characters’ personalities.
    I also expected more from Takei, but I’ll expect it to pan out as the season comes along.
    I am hypothesizing that Claire’s mom actually caused the fire to protect herself and Claire from a dangerous fellow.

  • Realyn


    Bailey(?) from Grey´s ! The Face is nearly a 1 on 1 copy, Bailey @ Greys is just a little bit more … uhm yeah .. fat 😉