On Monday, I put forth the theory — after having watched my first Super Bowl in its entirety — that high definition television (HDTV) makes anything on television more enjoyable. Last night I tested my theory on the CBS’s hit sitcom TWO AND A HALF MEN. Would my beautiful Sharp Aquos make Charlie Sheen funny? It didn’t.

Oddly enough, the improved picture on my television didn’t translate to the screen. In watching the entire episode of TWO AND HALF MEN I was subjected to a predictable story (Charlie and Alan fight over a girl), juvenile jokes that only an eight year old would find funny and worst of all Jon Cryer (possibly the most unappealing actor on TV). The lesson here: Just because it’s in high definition, doesn’t mean you should mindlessly choose to watch it.

Tune in next week when theTVaddict gives ACCORDING TO JIM a try in widescreen HD. Will Jim be funnier, or just wider? Stay tuned…

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  • just wider

  • Brynhildur

    ok this isn’t he best show on tv… but how can you diss Jon Cryer! He’s Duckie!

    and nothing can make According to Jim funny

  • Hey Brynhildur,

    First — Welcome back!
    Second — I never saw Pretty In Pink, so I have no nostalgia for Duckie!

  • Brynhildur

    thank you… but I really never left
    I always go to your site and I love your podcast