The obvious question, what took so long? NBC has finally made FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS available for download on iTunes. The better news, you can now download the series premiere for FREE!. Click here to head on over to iTunes and discover what you’ve been missing.

Thanks to Watch With Intelligence for the Tip!

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  • JennyC

    Thanks for the info! I am going to check it out. If it is as good as you claim, I will hope that NBC will not treat it as badly as it did with my inharmoniously canceled favorite show, “Freaks and Geeks.”

  • Mary

    JennyC, you won’t be disappointed. It is an awesome show. Most episodes start out just a little slow…not in a bad way, but it builds and they pack so much into each episode, that by the end of the hour, you’re just left amazed at how wonderful it was. Seriously, I think every episode has been outstanding, and I’ve never thought that about a show before.

  • Nadia

    Only the first episode is available for free!