I wonder if any of my fellow TV addicts picked up on the subtle (note sarcasm) juxtaposition between our favourite (or not so favourite) couples on last night’s episode of the GILMORE GIRLS? Logan sure has evolved into the perfect boyfriend, choppering (that’s helicopter speak for you) to the hospital to be at Rory’s side. While Christopher was once again MIA, much to the chagrin of Lorelai who had to spend the entire day alone with her mother. But more on that later.

Focusing on Emily, Kelly Bishop delivered yet another knock out performance as she tried everything — from cancelling Richard’s classes to ordering every type of fish on the eastern seaboard — to keep her mind of the fact that her husband is having an emergency bypass surgery. Once again Mrs. Bishop delivered an Emmy worthy performance — particularly the scene where she broke down and cried — that will no doubt be completely ignore come nomination time. Damn you Emmy Voters!

Finally, on to everybody’s favourite pairing, Luke and Christopher. Once again Luke came through in the clutch, doing the most menial of errands for a raving Emily. While Christopher was nowhere to be found. Frankly I couldn’t believe that Christopher would even have the audacity to ask Luke to leave the waiting room when he finally arrived at the hospital. His lack of support for Lorelai is just another nail in the coffin that’s become their marriage.

How great does next week’s preview look? Could Valentine’s Day in Stars Hollow really unite the couple that was destined to be together? Will we actually get a scene with Paris? Where has Kirk disappeared to? Stay Tuned…

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  • Jenn

    I was a Lorelai and Christopher supporter, but after seeing him act like a child…and where is GG living during all this??? Luke was the guy everyone wants…ran the errands without question and even came back with everyone’s favorite food.

  • GiGi is with her grandmother, I’m assuming Christopher’s mom. It was mentioned one or two episodes ago.

    I like that we’re moving in the direction of Lorelai & Luke getting back together, but it’s still a flawed path getting there…

    I agree that Kelly Bishop had a great performance, but did anyone else get bored during her rant about the service at the country club? Or, get mad at her for asking Luke to do her a favor but without acting appreciative or even tolerant of him being there?

    I think I would have liked his errand running storyline better if Emily had been constently asking him to do little things nearby and gradually learning how dependable he is compared to Christopher. The one big errand that kept him off-screen for half the episode didn’t work for me.

    Does anyone else think Luke has been acting overly agreeable lately? I liked it better when he was grumpy Luke whose softness and generosity were evident but also closely guarded right under the surface.

    Does anyone else miss spunky Lorelai? There are occasional flashes of the old Lorelai, but the current one we have is most often rambling like a mad woman or just staring and grinning. Not much in between.

    Incredibly enough, I’m actually starting to tolerate Logan a little more. As far as him and Rory packing up stuff for Richard, does he really need that much stuff to keep him occupied for only five days? I know he doesn’t watch TV, but he’ll probably be sleeping half the time. They took enough books for him to read for a month.

    Sorry, a lot of nitpicking, I know. I just miss the glory of the first five seasons. I’ve tried to give season seven a chance, and it’s still better in some ways than season six, but I’m starting to agree more and more with those who say that the characters just aren’t the same. I know people change over time, but I think these characters are devolving, not improving. Maybe I’m wrong or maybe things will get better. I’ll hang on and see…

    Oh, my TiVo always cuts off half the preview for the following episode. Could someone summarize the preview for me? Thanks.

  • h

    you mentioned Kirk. it may just have been wishful thinking, but i could have sworn i saw him. i don’t have a DVR, so i can’t check on this, but when Luke and Zack were talking in the diner, right before it cut to a commerical or another scene, someone was behind the counter holding plates with an apron on, and i swear it was Kirk. again, i could have hit my head and hallucinated the whole thing , but if i didn’t, wtf? they woudln’t have him be a waiter and not mention it, would they? or maybe not everyone shares in my love of kirk. either way, can anyone confirm or deny this? it’s driving me a little crazy…

  • mohammad

    it was good but felt VERY repetitive because the exact same thing happened in season one.

  • Lunco

    h: http://shrani.si/files/capturest7q.jpg
    Looks like him but then again not so much.

  • madge

    How ridiculous to see Luke butting in again – he is not part of the Gilmore family anymore so he should just leave Lorelai alone! he had his chance and he blew it!
    As for Christopher, he had every right to be upset not just at the letter but the fact that Lorelai concealed it – if she had just been up front about it he probably would have been ok. But no, she did exactly what she had been upset with Luke about – hiding stuff and not being completely open with her partner!! Chris wasnt to know Richard would take ill and he did rush to be there as soon as he knew (no helicopter that we know off!)……….I hope this is not leading to Chris and Lor splitting, if it is (and I think it is) then how terrible after all the angst (for them and us!) waiting for the time to be right for them to be together! And what a switch from the happy couple of the last few months and what a shame that the writers of the show want to ruin it all!!!!!!