Baffled By HOUSE

Thanks to an intriguing plot synopsis, theTVaddict decided to tune into last night’s episode of HOUSE on FOX (Rest assured I PVR’d VERONICA MARS and will watch it sometime today!). As expected, Hugh Laurie and Co. did not disappoint, providing me with an entertaining and intriguing hour of television. That is, until the episodes final minutes.

As HOUSE fans know, each episode generally follows a similar pattern. The team is baffled for an entire episode until Dr. House pulls a MacGyver and realizes that the patient is actually suffering from some rare problem that only House could diagnose. Subsequently the patient either lives, or tragically dies, House makes a few smart comments, and we return again next Tuesday to see it happen all over again.

Last night’s episode followed pretty much the same pattern, with one exception. I learned that the Doctor’s of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital forgot ‘Medicine 101’ and maybe aren’t as smart as they think they are!

Now I’m no Doctor but one of the things I’ve learned throughout my twenty-something years of existence is that the first thing a Doctor SHOULD ask a patient is ‘Where does it hurt?” Had Dr. House thought of this last night, I’m pretty sure the episode would have lasted a mere ten minutes. The patient (who’s name escapes me) would have said, “Wow, my butt really hurts,” which would have led to the Doctors quickly discovering that the [generic] patient had a toothpick stuck in him — case closed.

Of course this being TV, I obviously don’t really expect cases to be solved with ‘simple logic’, but I just thought I’d throw it out there as an observation as to why HOUSE isn’t Must See TV for me. While it’s a very well acted and produced show, the same thing happens week after week.

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  • Joe

    It’s entirely possible that he wouldn’t have felt any pain at all.

    From this site:

    Pain from the bowel is a strange thing. It is very different from pain from most other parts of the body. This can be easily illustrated by a simple “thought experiment”. Imagine closing your eyes while someone sticks you with a pin. You would be able to point to the exact spot where you had experienced the pain. If two sharp pins were applied at once, you would feel two areas of pain. Pain from the bowel is very different. First of all, piercing and poking the gut wall is not very effective in causing pain. For a long time it was believed that the gut itself was not sensitive to damage at all! Burning, crushing or many other stimuli that are very painful to the skin, don’t work in the gut. Perhaps this isn’t too surprising. Nerves in the skin have evolved to detect things that commonly damage the skin, such as sharp or hot objects. The gut never normally experiences such stimuli. However ,the gut is very sensitive to stretch – a stimulus which it naturally experiences

  • Lunco

    Both my parents are doctors and they say House is pretty accurate on the medical stuff, so I don’t think they would form a whole episode on something that can’t happen. They have advisers for the scripts and I seriously doubt they would have missed something as big as this. Also it was obvious the patient wasn’t hurting at the time, so it made no sense to ask him what hurts if nothing was hurting.
    And btw House>>>Veronica Mars. 😛

  • Joe…. Thanks for the info. I just can’t imagine something piercing the skin and someone not feeling it. I could completely understand that once it’s inside you, you don’t necessarily know that it’s their… but the initial break… unless of course he was focusing on what he was going with his girlfriend 🙂