GREYS’ ANATOMY Revives Denny!’s Michael Ausiello reports that a source with close ties to Grey’s Anatomy’s Seattle Grace Hospital reveals that Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny Duquette) is returning to the hit ABC show, presumably as Izzie’s (Katherine Heigl) late fiancé, for an episode to air later this season.

Since Denny’s ticker clearly tocked for the last time back in May, it seems safe to assume that he’ll appear in a newly-created flashback with the missus. To read about the other possible scenarios, please link to the story, which is posted on

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  • Sam

    YAY! I loved Denny and Izzy together. Even better would be Izzy having a daydream with them actually having a life together.

  • Cila

    Oh please let this be true! That’s a really good idea Sam, I would love to see something like that happening 🙂

  • Len

    It’s good that they’re not just going to let Denny fade. I was afraid they were just going to toss Izzie a new love interest a month from now and be done with it. So, this is great news!

  • Marsha

    plsss!! let denny come back.I’ts just too hard to except the fact tht a sweet guy like him is dead.

  • Maybe Grey’s Anatomy should have a man, who looks just like Denny (actually his long lost brother), to arrive at Seattle’s Grace as an attending. Then Izzie thinks that he is Denny and everything. And later in the season Izzie tells him everything about Denny.