Live Blogging LOST (Episode 7, Season 3)

9:52PM: Just flipped on LOST: THE SURVIVAL GUIDE… I didn’t know it was hosted by Damon and Carlton, I love them!

So, when we last left our Losties it was a few months ago… does anyone actually remember what happened> Oh wait, that’s what this recap is for.

Sawyer and Kate finally did it! Jack must operate on Ben! Juliette is really creepy and we’re not sure as to what her motives are…. Damn that was a great final episode. Do we think we’ll get any answers? Producers Cuse and Lindeloff promise we will. There’s a great interview with them on

10:00PM: “This season delivers like no other show on television” Well, we’re about to find out if ABC’S marketing department promises the truth.

10:03PM: Juliette Flashback… this should be good. Any guesses to her backstory?

10:09PM: Okay, I didn’t freeze frame Juliette’s keycard. No doubt it had some of our favourite numbers and some link to the dharma initiative. I guess I’ll have to watch the episode again. Interesting. Juliette’s obviously committing a felony to protect a family member…. she will fit in very well with the rest of the Losties.

10:13PM: Shooting Kate’s walkie talkie right out of her hand, without injuring her… what are the odds? Rosseau’s daughter (Alex I think!) is back…. very convenient.

10:17PM: 17 minutes in and so far loving it. Of course no answers yet, but I’m sure we’ll get a jaw dropping final scene.

10:20PM: Woah.. experimenting on your own sister….. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that’s against the hippocratic oath. How much do you wanna bet Juliette is working for the Whidmore corporation?

10:23PM: Is Benry Gale channeling Hannibal Lector? Mabye it’s the constant promos for Hannibal Rising, but their voices are sounding pretty similar. Crazy unfair…. if only I could read lips… what are they saying? What is Benry and Juliette’s history? So many questions…. answers pllleeaasseee….

10:28PM: How good does Sunday’s night on ABC look…. EXTREME MAKEOVER (tears welling up already), DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and my favourite show of the new season BROTHERS & SISTERS (give Sally Field an Emmy Please)

10:30PM: Privately funded… hmmmm I wonder by whom… Trips… hmmmm on an airplane perhaps.

10:34PM: The old wookie prisoner gag… Love it! What the Frak… “Everything Changes….” This show is so messed up.. Can’t wait for some internet nerd to create a gallery of every image that flashed on screen. Of course I am live blogging LOST, so I fall into the ‘internet nerd’ category.

10:23PM: Public service announcement: I saw BLOOD DIAMOND… if you’re buying your significant other a Diamond for Valentine’s Day…. make sure it’s not a conflict Diamond… Seriously.

10:43PM: Okay, that was nuts. Can Juliette make things happen like Walt? Woah, Juliette shoots Tom… so Sydney Bristow.

10:52PM: Evangeline Lilly really is a fantastic actress. JJ is so good at finding the IT girl… First Keri, then J Garner….

10:53PM: I’m pretty sure they’ll be back for Jack.

10:57PM: Creepy…. did the Dharma Initiative really kill Juliette’s ex. To quote Joey ‘Joseph’ Lawrence “Woah”

10:59PM: An overall fantastic episode. With of course no answers. But hey… it’s LOST… did we really expect any?

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  • Mmm Damon. He’s such a cutie.

  • Is Juliet’s last name Burke? Does Lost now have a Dr. Shepard and a Dr. Burke?

    Can a Dr. Bailey be that far off?

  • Ha. She is a Burke.

  • Mr. Friendly is SOOOO crushing on Jack.

    How cute.

  • Hahahahahha… I think Mr. Friendly is just being, well… Friendly.

  • Tim

    Maybe they’re related. Brother or sister. Tim W. aka cv

  • Regardless of whether they escape, I wish we could at least find out why they were captured in the first place.

  • A Desperate Housewives commercial. Is anyone still watching that show? I gave it about a dozen 2nd chances, but I’ve finally given up on it. No more TiVo season pass for DH.

  • Todd, I honestly believe we’ll get a lot of answers this season. Of course we’ll have to wait till the final minutes sixteen weeks from now.

  • I actually really enjoy this season. Bree and Orson are a really funny couple.

  • Mittelos? Sounds kinda like Mittlewerk, Hanso’s 2nd in command.


  • Sorry, don’t watch ALWAY SUNNY

  • Man, these Others are some psycho sick puppies. I wonder what all those freaky images were for.

    As a doctor forced into a leadership role, it looks like Juliet is the Others’ equivalent of Jack.

  • Todd you took the words right out of my mouth…. or off my page.. Juliette is so leadership material.

  • Whoa!!! Is it just me or do bus drivers in movies & TV shows never know how to hit the brakes?

  • Tim

    Whoa, hit by a bus. Awful way to go. And she allowed a sick, dying sister get pregnant? Uh, that might not help her health. But I’m no doctor. lol Tim W. aka cv

  • Holy Crap!!! Just whose side is Juliet on anyway?

    Now that we’re back to commercials… Tell me more about Blood Diamond. Worth seeing? I’m trying to watch as many Oscar nom’d movies as possible. Blood Diamond’s one of the last two on my list (along with Last King of Scotland), but I’m not enthused. Is it good?

  • Tim

    Hey, Desperate Housewives is back. It’s better than last year’s slump. I think. Tim W. aka cv

  • Tim W…. agreed… sick sister pregnant… wouldn’t she pass along the disease to her kid? Of course I’m not doctor (as I’ve pointed out numerous times today for some reason!)

  • Todd W – I Loved BLOOD DIAMOND. Great story, very ‘edutaining’ (you’re entertained and you learn a little too!)



  • She’s obviously a cancer patient.

    Most times sick mothers can’t give their diseases to their children. The don’t share blood.

  • Thanks Dr. Tim G

  • Yeah, like she’s going to keep that promise. Even if Kate doesn’t go back for Jack, someone ought to. He’s still the only doctor the survivors have.

  • Well, other than the specific surprises, the episode as a whole was as I expected… Just Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and the Others. More confusion, no answers. However, I agree, I think we’re going to get answers this season, and it looks like we get full ensemble cast normalness next week.

  • Hey Todd Tim and Tim… thanks for taking part in the Live Blog. I feel like I should change my name to start with a “T” to fit in better. Well I guess theTVaddict sort of counts!

  • Linda B.

    With all this talk on Desperate Housewives, anyone else think the Survivor Guide was narrated by Kyle MacLachlan. I swear it sounded just like him. Didn’t pay attention to the ending credits, so i don’t know if it listed him. Anyone?

  • javier

    A simple question…who is Alex’s dad (the boss)