LOST Live Blogging, Tonight 10PM

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  • ||TheTVAddictAddict||


  • Sam

    I’ll try to be here but I may be at the laundromat thanks to my sick puppy.

  • Tim

    Hey, I’m just glad they’re gonna remind us what happened before the llloooonnggggg hiatus. lol I don’t even remember how it ended. Good luck tv addict!!! Tim aka college virgin @theaccent.org/home

  • tdot

    thats pretty cool. ill be watching!
    and following live lost bloggin.

  • woo, live bloggin!

    when you going to quit being lazy and get the live chat up and going?

  • Anyone else watching the Lost Survivor Guide?

    I’m a sucker for Damon & Carlton gabbing it up with each other. I kinda have a little man-crush on Carlton.

  • Er… Damon.

    Man-crush on Damon.

  • Tim

    Hi tv addict. I made it a poiint to join you though I don’t have a podcast. I don’t think. lol Computer virgin too. Tim aka college virgin

  • So, the Others have gone to a lot of trouble to capture Flight 815 survivors just to put them in cages and mess with them and make them break up rocks, and now that Kate and Sawyer are trying to escape, which they can’t do anyway since they’re on a different island, the Others are shooting at them…

    Answers, please.

  • Hey Guys, thanks for joining, the live bloggin is going on here…