Ausiello Guest Stars on SCRUBS Tonight

Michael Ausiello has sworn he’ll douse me in Snapple and pepper me with Smurfs if I neglect to mention his guest-starring gig on tonight’s episode of SCRUBS (9PM NBC). While the ‘veteran’ actor and somewhat ‘in-the-know’ TV columnist has previously appeared on VERONICA MARS (Guy on Couch) and GILMORE GIRLS (Man in the Dragonfly Library), Ausiello promises that tonight fans will actually get a chance to see him ‘act’.

Don’t believe him? Neither did I, but Elizabeth Banks who plays Dr. Kim in the scene took a moment off camera to attest to his skills, “I felt like Ausiello was a real doctor.  I mean, he was wearing the outfit, he said all the right things…I was very impressed.”

And how does Ausiello feel about his big scene being up against the ratings juggernaut that is GREY’S ANATOMY? Sadly, he couldn’t be reached for comment. But had he been, he no doubt would have expected his guest-starring role to take down those Doctors from Seattle Grace, and snag himself a guest starring Emmy nod in the process.

Ausiello chronicles his Scrubs experience in an on-set video diary posted online at

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  • I’ve been invited to an exclusive viewing party at Mr. Ausiello’s home this evening. If you’re lucky, I might even report back on the festivities tomorrow!

  • Kylen

    As if I haven’t heard enough about this on and Ausiello’s blog! But I have seen his other two roles (and I thought his character was “Blushing Guy” on Veronica Mars), and I must say, I was impressed! Hope it lives up to the hype. Happy Thursday, everyone.

  • I can report that Mike was surrounded by friends for his speaking-part debut. He sent a special shout-out to his friends at, but drew the line at my request that he pose for a cheeky photo featuring his naked butt with “ask” on the left cheek and “ausiello” on the right. We cheered his appearance and then, in true Ausiello fashion, rewound it several times. Comment of the evening: My pointing out that when he says, “That’s your baby’s heartbeat,” he is pointing at the child’s penis.