Imagine SCRUBS as a Serious Drama

Thanks to scenes like this, I’ve always considered SCRUBS far more dramatic than almost any medical show on television. Apparently great minds think alike, and my friends over at BuzzSugar thought it would be fun — after having seen it work for THE OFFICE, to re-edit scenes from SCRUBS and transform it into a bonafide medical drama. Click below to see what I’ve cleverly named SCRUBS: ER Edition™.

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  • Nice. I see a few clips from the movie “The Last Kiss” were snuck in there near the end. 😉

  • Brynhildur

    love it

  • Haven’t seen THE LAST KISS.. worth renting? I know this will sound offensive to Braff-Addicts, but I thought GARDEN STATE was overrated!

  • Kylen

    I was not terribly impressed with the Last Kiss, although I do love Zach Braff. The Last Kiss is very real, and I commend them for making it, but its not terribly entertaining. If anything, it was just hard to watch, unlike Scrubs, which is brilliant every week. I love that Braff is making movies, though. I love that he has found a level of success on both screens. He deserves it.

  • I agree that Garden State was over-rated.

    I gave the The Last Kiss a B-. The story is an examination into fears & indecisiveness of guys in their late 20’s / early 30’s who are about to go through major life changes, such as having kids, getting married, getting divorced, or wanting one last youthful single guy adventure. Not sure which part(s) were hard to watch for Kylen, but for me, it was how much one character risks on a temptation. Won’t give away what the temptation is or whether the person gives in, but you feel like your watching the process in slow motion, hoping each frame is the one where the person will turn back. One of the most interesting characters in the movie is Zach Braff’s character’s fiance’s mother (mouthful), played by Blythe Danner. I read one review in which the critic says he wishes the movie was about her, and I almost agree. Not thrilled with Zach Braff’s character, but his acting was great.

    I stumbled upon a few podcasts related to The Last Kiss, and one of them shows Zach Braff directing a music video for a friend and musician who did a song on The Last Kiss soundtrack. According to IMDb, Braff has several writing & directing gigs in the works, but they’re in the future or on hold.