The Cohen’s Say Goodbye

the oc goodbye final photo

FOX has just released this final (wipe tears from my eyes) photo of the Cohens, as THE OC prepares to end its four year run two weeks from tonight. Note the strategic hiding of Summer and Taylor’s hands — one can’t help but wonder if one of them has a ring on their finger! I guess we’ll have to wait until February 22 to find out, when we say goodbye to THE OC after a great four years.

[Update] has posted a nice piece featuring quotes and final thoughts from the cast on their last day of shooting (which was Friday Feb 2).

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  • No tears here. I said goodbye two years ago. Later.

  • Wow, Harsh. Guess someone wasn’t a fan of Crazy Oliver.

  • I liked crazy Oliver it was the same plotline repeated episode after episode that turned me off.

  • Laurin

    That’s a great photo…so sad. I can’t wait to see how it all ends but I’ll be so sad. I found some nice quotes from the cast on the last day on this site

  • Thanks for the great link Laurin, I’m going to update the post with links to the page.

  • If this photo is from the finale, it must flash forward at least a bit, because mom’s holding the baby she only JUST found out she’s carrying.

  • Jacki

    Anyone else notice that Summer and Taylor are wearing matching dresses that appear very bridesmaid-like? I have a feeling neither of them gets married in the finale. It’s probably Julie.

  • Jacki — YOU ARE BRILLANT… a catch only a woman would notice! Know that I’m giving you a virtual high five right now 🙂

  • Sam

    I don’t really get this thing of cancelling a show when it’s good. It got it’s bad second and third seasons and then when it’s good again it goes bye-bye. Sigh. The death of the teen drama genre is coming fast.

  • doowap123

    Ok, I know it’s a pic of the Cohens and all… But for a last pic, I would have included Melinda Clarke, Julie Cooper made the show for 4 years, she is one of the highest point of the show IMO..
    Anyway, we say goodbye to The OC with sweet bitterness because I really think they found a new breath this season compared to last season…