Is Michael Scott Ruining THE OFFICE?

Last night on THE OFFICE, over one hundred invited family and friends attended the wedding of Phyllis and Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration). In addition to those in attendance, another nine million or so watched the ceremony on television. Yet the question I have today is: Would more viewers have tuned into the wedding of the season had they known that Michael Scott wouldn’t be in attendance?

While I’m not about to deny the comedic brilliance of actor Steve Carell, I think it’s time the THE OFFICE writers considered toning down Michael’s almost absurd antics [before they turn off viewers forever]. Last night’s wedding was yet another example in a long list (see: ‘The Boat Cruise, ‘Phyllis’ Wedding Shower’, ‘The Diwali Festival’ ‘Outing Oscar’ the list goes on….) where Michael’s behavior is so outlandish that I almost found myself flipping to SURVIVOR.

The unfortunate reality is that THE OFFICE is slowly transforming into two separate shows — ‘The Michael Scott Show’ and ‘The Office’. While ‘The Michael Scott Show’ not surprisingly revolves around Michael Scott, ‘The Office’ is a Michael Scott free zone — and the real reason why I fell in love with THE OFFICE in the first place.

Think back to last night’s wedding. What aspects of the party did you truly enjoy? Michael acting insane — umm, no. More likely you loved the look on Jim’s face when he watched Pam and Roy walk out of the reception together. Toby miraculously scoring a supermodel as a date. Dwight and Angela dancing outside in secret (how very SAVED BY THE BELL). Or my favourite moments of the night, Ryan swatting the bouquet out of Kelly’s reach and Creed putting his name on a gift he most definitely didn’t buy. It’s those little moments, the ones that force you to pause your PVR and rewind that make THE OFFICE what it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling for Michael Scott’s resignation (after-all, without Michael, THE OFFICE just wouldn’t be same). But I do think it’s time, in the interest of the show’s long-term success, that Michael Scott start to tone it down a little bit. I for one will not stand for any interruptions when — years from now — Jim and Pam finally walk down the aisle.

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  • Your Mother

    You’re a moron. Michael and Dwight make the show. It’s a comedy, not a romance show. If you want to see stories like whether Jim and Pam wind up together, watch the real world. Ben Franklin and the wedding were 2 of the funniest episodes there have been so far. The best ones are when Michael comes up with rediculous ideas, like having strippers in the office or trying to have his employees act out racist stereotypes. If Michael wasn’t over the top it would be like a real office and a lot of the viewers already experience that for 8 hours every day. If Pam and Karen weren’t hot I wouldn’t even care if they were on the show, except for Michael to harass them.

  • Will

    To even imply that Michael is ruining The Office is completely out of line. From the very start of the series Michael’s character has been hilariously and naively offensive in social situations. Granted, his acts during Phyllis’ Wedding were the first time I would describe his antics as mean spirited, the writers specifically wrote the back story of his mother’s wedding to give justification for his actions. I am absolutely baffled at the thought that anyone would argue that the backbone of the show is not Michael Scott and the day writers change his character to gain more viewers is the day that I will stop watching.

  • Rachel

    Actually, what tied the whole episode in for me was seeing Michael’s reaction at his own mother’s wedding. You can tell that something happened in his childhood, and socially, he’s stuck in that place. So I found Michael’s antics totally appropriate for his character, and toning him down socially negates the little piece of history the writers threw in.

  • Susan

    Do not agree. If you want “comfortable, non-cringe worthy” comedy there are many options
    open to you. The discomfort factor is one of the main things that make “The Office” what it is
    and not a cookie cutter version of 99% of tv comedies.

  • Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson are brilliant, but the editors and directors need to take a firmer hand when editing their scenes. Michael absolutely ruined Phyllis’s wedding for me. It made this beautiful little show into a third rate sitcom. The best cringe-worthy Michael moments are always the small ones — not the over the top ones. I do enjoy the cringe-worthy aspect of the show, but when they let Carrell (and to a lesser extent, Wilson) go too far, I’m not cringing on behalf of the characters. I’m cringing on behalf of the show, and rolling my eyes, to boot.

  • If Michael weren’t on The Office, it wouldn’t be the same! He might be over the top, but it’s a show, everything has to be over the top on a tv series for people to watch it. It’s not real… it’s made up. It’s for entertainment, and Michael definitly helps with that!
    -Hannah 🙂
    Oh, and PS: Can I meet Jim Halpert? Soooo cute 😉

  • Matt

    I’ve only seen bits of the original english series, but reading this your all nuts, those who agreed with getting rid of micheal. Hello, the series revoles around that character. Then again I never watched the american version because it’s a basic rip off of the english one, seen one seen em all!

  • alice


    michael has always been like this.

    if you think that he is bad, what is the point of the show?!

    he has been like that since sason 1.

  • alfred

    absolutely in agreement here. the last two seasons are the best because fucking michael scott isn’t there

  • steve

    Have to agree with some of the others, I find the Michael Scott character to be annoying and obnoxious, I like and think the others are funny. Perhaps he just plays it too well.

    Maybe if someone punched him out every show that would be funny.