SCRUBS: Give Ausiello An Emmy

The Time: 9:27PM, The Place: My living room.

As we were nearing the end of last night’s episode of SCRUBS, two thoughts were running through my mind. One, I can’t believe I skipped GREY’S ANATOMY for an Ausiello cameo on SCRUBS. And two, I can’t believe after all the hype, Ausiello was cut out of the episode! Of course just as I started typing a post to that effect, Michael Ausiello appeared on screen for an ending so shocking it would give LOST’S “Challah” (or is it “Matzo Ball”?) a run for its money.

WOW, I did not expect Kim to pull one over JD and actually keep the baby a secret from him. I fully expected the writer’s of SCRUBS to take the easy way out — have Kim lose the baby — thus allowing JD to continue living his life as a perpetual university student. And by that I mean continue to date and break up with beautiful women with virtually zero consequences.

Of course, now the question remains: When and how will JD discover that he’s still a father-to be? My guess, the final scene of the season finale in May! Stay Tuned….

Finally, Ausiello if you’re reading this [and I know you keep your press clippings]. Well done with your ten second cameo. I truly believed you were a Doctor. You delivered an Emmy worthy one line performance. And you never know, if Ellen Burstyn can snag an Emmy nod for fourteen seconds of work, maybe you’ve got a chance as well.

Note to readers: If you happen to blink often, you may have missed Ausiello’s cameo on SCRUBS. Click here to check it out.

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