We Preview Monday’s New HEROES

theTVaddict.com is thrilled to present two new clips previewing Monday’s new episode of HEROES (Feb 12, 9PM, NBC). Clip #1 features Sylar making a new friend who seems to have a very interesting ability. Clip #2 finally gives two of the least interesting characters, Niki/Jessica and Matt Parkman something very interesting to do. Be sure to tune into a new episode of HEROES this Monday at 9PM on NBC to discover one of the fall’s most exciting new shows.

UPDATE: Just to get your weekend off on the right foot, one more clip featuring Nathan discussing the ‘Claire Situation’ with his mother. Hmmm… Is it possible Nathan Petrelli isn’t as sleazy as we all think? Oh wait, scratch that — he’s a politician. Integrity, honesty, marital vowes (etc…) probably aren’t too high up on his list of priorities. Click here for Clip #3.

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  • Fascinating yet terribly annoying.

  • Erica

    Fab! Thanks. Any chance at the clip with Claire and her Biomom?

  • Erica…. http://tv.yahoo.com has a clip of Claire and her Biomom

  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing. This show keeps getting better and better!

  • Erica

    Unfortunately, I can’t watch the yahoo clips–I’m on a Mac.

    Woohoo! NATHAN!!! (it’s really right up there with Waffles.)