TV Pilot News: FRASIER Back In Action

It looks like two of TV’s most-missed sitcom stars – Kelsey Grammar (FRASIER) and Patricia Heaton (EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND) will be back on the small screen this fall in the comedy ACTION NEWS. The show features the duo as an anchor team being reunited at a local TV station. FOX obviously has fate in the show, which was written by Christopher Lloyd (WINGS) and Steven Livitan (JUST SHOOT ME), as evidenced by their giving the as-yet-unproduced pilot a 13-episode commitment. Of course, the show was almost guaranteed to be picked up by someone: Written on spec, Variety reports that ABC, CBS and FOX were engaged in a bidding war for the property.

In other casting news, SIX FEET UNDER alum Peter Krause will star in ABC’s steamy new drama, DIRTY SEXY MONEY. Krause will play an attorney who winds up representing an “ethically flexible” family. (This bit of casting news would seem to indicate that THE LOST ROOM – which the actor starred in for the Sci Fi network – probably won’t, as predicted, be making the jump from mini to full-fledged series.

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  • Wait a minute… people miss Patricia Heaton? Seriously?

    People missing Ray Romano, Peter Boyle or Doris Roberts I can see, but Patricia Heaton? That bilious holier-than-thou wench?

    Ahh, the magic of a press release.

  • I have to admit, I liked Patria Heaton better than Peter Boyle or Doris roberts. I always kind of thought of her as long-suffering, given everything that her alter ego had to deal with. LOL

  • popcorn

    I saw the speed-through (pilot is filming this Friday).
    It’s exceptional.
    Honestly I’m not familiar with Patricia, but she’s great and very “believable”, and of course Kelsey is always on top of his game.
    Can’t wait for it to air.

  • Annetters

    Wow, I am looking forward to this so much, you really don’t have any idea.

  • Fred

    Patricia Heaton sold her soul by participating in ABC’s “The Road to 911” which everyone knew going in was a pack of lies. I don’t care what political party she supports, but I will not support a liar by watching Action news.