LOST Secrets Revealed

Someone with far too much time on their hands seperated the audio from the brainwashing scene in Wednsday’s episode of LOST and played it backwards so that you can hear a creepy woman say “Only fools are enslaved by time and space.” Of course, here I am writing about it and watching the video, so perhaps they’re not the only ones with too much time on their hands! Regardless, the clip is a much watch for any LOST fan and definitely raised the interesting question of time travel in this continually confounding (yet addicting) series.

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  • Kylen

    You know what is amazing about LOST? That scene is just as creepy and makes just as much sense backwards as it does forwards. AMAZING.

  • Sam

    LOL @ Kylen. So you mean people don’t watch the show in reverse first like me, lol? Seriously, who would think to play that backwards? That’s crazy!

  • Good lord, that’s just… I don’t wanna have to work that hard to enjoy my television shows! Meanwhile, am I the only one who finds that most of the flashbacks have become so incredibly predictable? The second Juliet said something about her ex being hit by a bus, who didn’t know that exactly that would happen? I keep saying I’m not going to watch this show anymore, but… well, I keep coming back.

  • tralfaz…. I have to say, while the flashbacks have been getting annoying (locke joins a cult, boring!)… I really enjoyed Juliet’s story. For once, we actually learned something new, and the flashback tied into the mythology and wasn’t just a character piece that revolved nothing. This week’s flashback featuring Desmond should be excellent.

  • Kylen

    You know, I still really enjoy the show. I care about the characters; I enjoy the slow parts and character study; I love the chases and the haunting music; I really do enjoy LOST every week. I find that not thinking about it too much is the best way for me to keep enjoying it. Its a spectacular program and I just hope the fans can keep enjoying it. Its great TV.

  • Geri

    Cool thing;) Now who wants to join me in a LOST-reversed marathon? Every single episode…I could see me end up like that boyfriend, ouch.

  • The Con

    That was pretty freaky. The problem is that people give up on the show because it doesn’t give evrything out on a plate…. it has been painfully slow (especially when locke saw the light through the hatch and they didn’t pick up that story thread for another 5/6 episodes)…. but it really picked up pace during season 2 and we get something interesteing to add to the confusion every week now.

    Most people want to know what everything is NOW. People are so impatient!

  • Sam

    I have less a problem with all that and more a problem with how the writers like to waste our time with characters and storylines that are interesting only to do away with them all. Or how about ill-developing existing characters in favor for said characters who are all DEAD now? See, wasting time.