The LA TIMES is reporting that the Sci Fi Channel is expected to announce tomorrow that it has renewed the critically acclaimed (yet little watched) series for a fourth season. Thirteen new episodes of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA will be produced this summer to premiere in January 2008.

While theTVaddict never doubted that Galactica would see a fourth season, online speculation was running rampant that the low rated series was set to end this spring. In response executive producer Ronald D Moore told the LA TIMES, “I don’t think we ever doubted doing another season. I design my season-ending cliffhangers with the hubris that we’ll be back.”

More importantly, Creators Moore and David Eick finally confirmed a rumour that’s been floating around online for months — that one of the main characters would be revealed to be a Cylon. Which in case you didn’t know (and according to the Neilson Ratings you probably don’t) are a race of robot beings set on destroying all of humanity.

Which leads us to the obvious question: Which of your favourite characters is a closeted Cylon? Starbuck (too obvious), Adama (they would never!), President Roslin (hmmmm…), Baltar (really?). Post away with your guesses!

UPDATE! The Sci Fi network has posted the official annoucnement on their web site. “SCI FI has renewed Battlestar Galactica for a fourth season, commissioning a minimum of 13 more episodes of “the best show on television.” Production will resume this summer with an eye toward a January 2008 season premiere.”

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  • Rob

    Glad to hear Battlestar Galactica is going to around for a 4th season! It really is a great show. As for a possible closet Cylon, I am thinknig Tom Zarek (played by Richard Hatch)… nice role reversal there for the original Apollo character! 🙂

  • Lieutenant Helo!

  • I’m guessing Adama or Roslin. It can’t be Baltar, that just violates the Judas theme of that plot.

  • file66

    Col. Saul Tigh
    Chief Galen Tyrol
    Tory Foster
    Samuel T. Anders
    Lt. Sharon ‘Athena’ Agathon

    they have more in common than you might first think.

  • My guess is that it might be Roslin – cancer, defective model, revitalized by cylon baby blood…you know…could be cool.

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  • Diane

    It took a couple of seasons for me to get into watching Battlestar – it’s very, very good, and very intelligent, but you need to concentrate to follow it, and that is probably not Nielsen star material! It’s a great show.

  • elDooderino

    it has to be someone zena knows (“I’m… so sorry… I didn’t know…”) and it seems like it can’t be baltar. she did run into starbuck a few times… a likely canidate but I would think the chief would be an interesting twist and helo would be a good dark horse who would make sense.

  • Rosslin. She’s had visions, the look on number 6’s (Lucy Ls) face when she saw one of “the final 5” in the vison was that of compassion.. as she would have freaked if it had been Baltar. I agree that Starbuck would be too obviouos and that Adama would be too much of a F*&$ you.

  • Joe

    Low rated? Try critically acclaimed!

  • It’s ratings numbers may be low for a traditional big four network show, but it’s doing excellent for a basic cable show. It’s one of Sci-Fi’s more watched ones I believe.

  • Dave, the unfortunate reality is that BATTLESTAR’s ratings aren’t just low in comparison to the big four networks (abc, nbc, cw, cbs). The show is not the highest rated series on Sci Fi but it is the most expensive.

    Thankfully, the show is critically acclaimed and brings serious prestige to the once laughable Sci Fi Network. Additionally, the show does very well on DVD, selling over one million copies. That’s why I never doubted a fourth albeit abbreviated season for the show.

  • soooooo nice to see another season of the best show!!!

    As for the ratings, they’re doing great, especially for a non-mainstream network and sci-fi themed show. Great to see them making a masterpiece among many other good shows on sci-fi.

    I’ve posted the humor gag reels on my blog, check em out… sure you’ve seen them.

    Keep up the great blog!


  • Solan

    Felix Gaeta, of course! Didn’t you see him when the interrogation of Baltar turned? What did Baltar whisper in his ear? What is Gaeta’s dark secret? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

  • I say the Cylon on galactica is Athena. Hopefully a 13 episode commitment forces BSG to get back into it’s season 1 groove, I remember hearing RDM saying he was having difficulties spanning 20 episodes on BSG (why he just didn’t divide the season in half and treat it as 2 10-episode seasons is beyond me).

    Plus SciFi isn’t helping the ratings by shuffling BSG from timeslot to timeslot. Season one it was Friday at 8pm, season 2.5 had it move friday at 9pm (and it’s ratings dropped dramatically), then they moved it to sundays at 10pm. What’s next? Thursday at 11pm?

  • Bingo

    Athena as a closet Cylon? Sort of comes under the category of “DUH!” Athena, aka Sharon Valerri-Agathon, is a Cylon, always has been, and is known by all of the crew and to D’ana Biers to be a Cylon. The key point is that D’ana recognized the fifth Cylon in the temple and apologized for treating him/her so badly. So who did D’ana mistreat? Couldn’t be Helo, Dee, Apollo or Admiral Adama; they weren’t on New Caprica under Cylon occupation. Could be Gaeta, could be Col Tigh, conceivably could even be Mrs Tigh. Most obvious is Starbuck, but that is such an obvious plot device that it is unlikely.

    Will be interesting.

  • Xtian

    Adama, Helo, Cally and Tyrol can not be cylons due to the child factor. Apollo is doubtful unless you can replace a real human. I would say Roslin is out from the dues ex cyclon baby blood saving her. This leaves Tigh, Geata, Dee, Starbuck, Zarek and Baltar.

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  • me, and no-one else

    am I missing something? or is Baltar’s ruminating about being one of the five cylons too obvious? Seems like that would end his treachery story arc quite nicely while leaving it open for the whole story to continue. Havn’t seen all of season 3 yet and know Starbuck is supposed to be out of it for a few episodes so guess that always leaves a possibility there.

  • John W

    I reckon it’s Billy.

    Yeah he died. And….?? 😉

  • Jax

    Well I guess its Starbuck. Surely she wouldnt leave the show.

  • I think it is definitely Baltar, as to me that would make the plot the most interesting.

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  • Juany

    Ok I have my own theory who the cylon is and I believe it is the Doctor. Deanna was apologizing to one of the final 5 in the temple. Obviously the Cylon has to be someone she had personal contact with, and that would have taken place on New Caprica. Remember when she was walking around on New Caprica because she couldn’t sleep and was having the dreams of finding Hera? She ran into Doctor Cottle outside when he was treating wounded people from a bombing. He had blood on his clothes and she was asking if it was Cylon or Human, and smeared the blood on his clothes as she went on about how the 2 bloods were so alike you can’t even tell the difference. She was being intimidating and invoking fear in him and I think playing that power card that she was in control and he wasn’t. I think in the temple she saw Doctor Cottle and was in shock, and then realized how she had acted towards one of the final 5. She was apologizing for treating him so badly. He’s a major character, in charge of everyone’s health and well-being. And he smokes like a chimney. He’s not worried about cancer….cause he’s a cylon, whether he knows it or not.

  • Ok based on the series and watching so far, I would think its Starbuck, yeah its obvious….BUT there is now way they would kill her off the series…unless there was issues behind the scenes and she was to much to handle for the producer and there for he killer her off….which is highly unlikely…Lets remember there are 5 models so yeah the obvious 2 are baltar and starbuck, but that leaves 3….I like the Roslyn idea and find that to be interesting mainly because the cancer issue after last episode…or was it a ploy to play off the reasons for the drug usage again?

    Odama is way to much of a spin to do at least. so here are my final 5 predictions:
    1) StarBuck
    2) Baltar
    3) Tigh
    4) the Doctor
    5) Roslyn
    honorable mentions: Dee, Starbucks Husband ( name escapes me at the moment)

  • Black snake

    If Deanna saw fifth Cylon in the temple and apologized for treating him/her so badly… I think it might be SAMUAL T ANDERS… remember she tried to kill him after he blew up the cafe on the original Caprica, only to have Caprica 6 and Sharon 1 stop her(season 2 ep. 18)…. Anders Played a big part in the beginning of season 3 so he might qualify as a main character. I really don’t think Starbuck would be the cylon…. b/c they wouldn’t have made such a big deal of trying to breed her at the cylon babyfarms…. it would conflict with the previous plot, I think if she reenters the cast it will be through a supernatural occurance, They show mixes in so much religion that I don’t think it would be out of the question

  • Smoftor

    Did anybody forget about the cylontest results of ellen tigh, baltar “would never tell”(s01e09)

  • Black snake

    ohh yeah… that could be very interesting…. would really screw with colonel tigh’s head

  • Dennis Jensen

    Low rated – maybe – but for a show episode to have 13K seeds /22K peers on bittorrent less than 24 hours after airing, shows its popular –

    Scifi should make it available on iTunes to more than just the US – I’m guessing a lot of the “pirates” are fans that need their fix while waiting for the DVD’s to hit the shelves.

  • Bob

    we know 4 of them now:
    col. tigh
    chief tirol
    sam anders
    and that indian chick ( the presidents advisor)

    as for the 5th and final cylon.. roslyn would make a lotta sense, especially in the last episode where she is one of the only three who has the visions of hera in the opera house, and the other 2 are definitly cylons, athena and #6.

  • Brett

    How did File66 guess/know these on Feb 13th 12:27PM (see post above)? What’s the clue he/she picked up on then that I don’t get?

  • Tom

    It won’t be Roslyn, remember she has Hera’s anti-bodies in her blood so in a sence it could be argued that she has a “connection” with the cylons much like Telia has a connection with the Wraith (SG:A). I dont’ believe that I’m going to have to wait 9 monthes for the new episodes. Guess I’ll be watching a lot of Stargate: Atlantis

  • Vincenzo

    I think StarBuck

  • Ian G

    It has to be Col. Tigh. The show needs a seismic event to bring Admiral Adama back to Apollo and end the animosity. And the shock effect would be fantastic.

  • AJ

    The final five have NOT!! been revealed!!! The show has cleverly fed us us multiple red-herrings, but if you watch the last episode closely, you’ll see a few things that tip their hand. First Sol, Tyrol, Anders and Tory can’t be cylons, because Tyrol can’t be a cylon because he has a child with Cassie. The BSG mythos has already established that a cylon/human hybrid is a watershed event for them, so just having a back-up kid to Hera around, but not paying him any attention on New Caprica when they thought Hera was dead, makes no sense. In addition, there are only –four– of them, while during the Opera scenes, we are clearly allowed to see –five– brightly hooded figures, represennting the efinal five cylons, in the mezzanine when Baltar and Six look back. Lastly, they are all mesmerized by the same tune in their heads, a classis earth song by Bob Dillon, just before Starbuck returns to advise she has been to earth and has returned to herald their way. Cylons shouldn’t know earth tunes and its just the kind of loud Rock ‘n Roll that one could associate with Starbuck. I think the tune is being sent by, and they are being manipulated by, the City of Light Evolved Aliens of the original series, redrawn here as Starbucks celestial protectors, for purpooses as yet unknown.

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  • sean

    watch season 3’s last episode, they tell you who 4 of the ‘final 5’ cylons are.

  • Damian-ca

    These 4 characters are NOT cylons, they just think -and the finale episode makes us think- that they are ! A classic trick at the end of a season. I think they’re related to the City of Light Evolved Aliens, like Starbuck.

    In the new 4th season, Galactica and the Cylons will find Earth, but not our Earth … I’m pretty sure the producers won’t make the same mistake as in Galactica 1980.

  • LowEarthOrbit

    Damian-ca Aj and others are right on the money IMHO re Tigh, Anders, Tory and Tyrol ‘s potential Final 5 status being a red herring.

    More interesting to me at the moment (after just watching Eye of Jupiter Pt I the first time) is who the Cylon skin jobs really are. I think they may actually be the Olympian gods and goddesses. I’m thinking this, admittedlyinfluenced by just listening to Karen Armostrong’s The Great Transformation, all 19disks, because the ongoing struggle among the Cylon skin jobs re whether to exterminate, ingoreor let mankind slide is reminiscent of the arguments among the Olympian deities in works such as the Iliad and throughout Greek mythology. ANother contributing factor is the Cylon int he tub who runs the base ship and babbles nonsense which actually is a metaphor– exactly like the ORacle at Delphi. It’s interesting that it seems to take Baltar, who is imbued with a background of human culture and knowledge, do decpiher “the eye of the husband of the eye of the cow,” etc. much as though the Cylon neural netweork has to tap in to the human collective consciuosness to understand what’s going on. A third factor is th evolution of compassion in some of the cylon models, leading them to function in roles of assisting humanity (like an angel a bodhisattva, or a Prometheus) — Athena being the foremost example but even Caprica Six. Any irony in Athena, the goddess who helps the wandering Odysseus, the Greek human warrior/adventurer/improviser, rescuing Adama and Helo, and the whole human race, so many times? Finally, Armstrong writes about the cyclical changes in ancient cultrues between the “high god” who is distant and uninvolved in daily human life vs the pantheons of lower gods of the hunt, agriculture etc who form the day to day devotional pantheon. As civilizations progress the primacy of the “high god” is first great, then wanes, then resurges, depending on the needs of the culture. In some cycles Yahweh or Allah is one of many in the divine court, in others heis the supreme and even only god. Is the divine hierarchy here that Colonial culture is in its polytheistic phase while the cylon/olympian pantheon is plugged in to the “high god” and recognition that they are merely superhuman in many ways but not truly divine — because they lack compassion, vulnerability, the ability to die and reproduce or escape their own stories/legendary frameworks? Are the FInal 5 the olympian deities who the first six (perhaps subdeities or demigods like Hercules (oh what a giveaway) cannot directly see becausethey are yet another hierarchy above?


  • AJ

    While L.E.O.’s observations may at first seem “smoke”-inspired run-on, I think he’s close tto rightt, especially with the identification of tthe basic dramatic relationships to the mythos of Greek tragedies. However, I think you need to go back to the original series. In the original series, Count Ibley (Patrick McNee) was a member of the Light Evolved Aliens who broke the rules and was “cast out” so to speak, or abandoned the higher realms, seeking devotional followers to sort of feed off (–this still tracks with the lower-level demigods that interact with mortal man, etc.). HOWEVER, when Ibley met Baltar, Balter recognized Ibley’s voice aas thaat of the Imperious Leaader of the Cylons, and comments that his voice must have been recorded more than onne thousanad years ago. Also Ibley was to Colonial legend as a devil-type figure. Put all this together and you get back to the whole mid-level demigods taking sides with opposing mortals (a.k.a. chess pawns) to influence the affairs of Man, with the good evolved gods actually wanting to take a classic ‘hands off humanity”/prime directive attitude that are inevitably drawn into the aaffairs of the lower realm due to the interference of a rogue god. So yah. maybe, … or maybe not.

  • Rozon Requiem

    I’m not sure where all these high gitters are getting 13 eposides at…. that was the origional plan, true. But that’s been upped to 22 eposodes. H E L L O ? As for the closet Cylon, doesn’t matter. Should be fun either way.

  • Admiral Adama:

    He tries to kill the Cylon he thinks is Boomer on Kobol. She doesn’t resist. He suddenly has a sharp pain. She says something like “What did you expect?” or something. What does he experience pain trying to strangle her?

    The episode where it’s his anniversary. It’s not flashbacks that he’s walking through, he’s walking through a vision he’s created for himself in the present. This is the same thing that one of the Cylons reveals to Baltar when they’re on one of the base ships. “You’re walking through a steel hallway, while I’m walking through a beautiful forest.”

    The one Cylon, first season, tells Laura “Adama is a Cylon.”

    Maybe he was telling the truth?

  • john

    its the doctor cuz lauras gonna die from cancer why wouldnt she just do the blood thing again? and the whole deanna thing with the doc on the planet about the baby– also wouldnt the doc be able to screen cylons out due to thier blood not having a type? He’s more of a suprise way less obvious I also think the other four could be a bit off why they would make it seem like such a sure thing in the previews throws me a bit but I guess well find out soon I cant wait I love this show so much!!!!!!

  • Shan1

    I’m going with Adama on this! Sure, probably not gonna happen; but wouldn’t that be a trip… Lee and his brother the first half cylon/humans?

    This show is great; too bad it only comes on once per week (after a year of waiting)! !

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