Weekend TV Random Musings

We at theTVaddict.com would like to offer up a tiny piece of advice for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE head honcho Lorne Michaels. When choosing your host for the coming week of SNL, run it by the writer’s room first. If the best idea you can come up for an opening monologue is yet another unfunny song, it’s time to find another host. The moment Forest Whitiker was handed the mic on Saturday night, it was pretty clear that all we were in store for a string of unfunny sketches. SNL’s mandate is to be funny β€” it’s not AMERICAN IDOL.

After watching last night’s Helo-centric episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA all I could think about was whether I missed something. Who exactly are these Saggiterons? Am I supposed to sympathize with their plight? Did I miss an episode that explained all of this? What the Frak is going on!

Can Senator McCallister please win the Republican nomination for President so thatwe can have THE WEST WING 2.0 starring President Rob Lowe and First Lady Calista Flockhart. I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face β€” if you’re not watching BROTHERS & SISTERS on ABC you’re missing out. It’s quietly becoming my favourite show of the new season (with FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS trailing closely behind for second).

SUPERNATURAL fans sure are insanely dedicated to their show (in a good way!). See last week’s post entitled, “Why Is No One Watching Supernatural?” 99 Comments and counting… theTVaddict hasn’t seen such an outpouring of affection for any show since, well never. Congrats SUPERNATURAL fans, your dedication has convinced me to give the show a try this Thursday night. Stay Tuned…

  • I completely agree with you about Brothers & Sisters. I have been watching it get better and better. But last night I fell in love with it!

    It did sort of feel like Senator Lowe was filling the WW gap with his burgeoning campaign. I felt that show really rejuvenated itself with the election and I was left wanting more of a Santos administration.

  • Thank you so much for pointing out what you did about last night’s Battlestar Galactica. I thought I had gone crazy. I completely feel like something was left out too.

    I couldn’t get through the first ten minutes without looking through the TV Guide, TV.com, and GEOS.tv websites and the BSG section of GateWorld.net to see if there was an episode I missed or a subplot I had forgotten about in a previous episode. I couldn’t find anything.

    The first thing that struck me were the last two or three snippets in the “previously on Battlestar Galactica” segment. I so completely do not remember a scene where Adm. Adama was on the phone saying that Helo might be over his head. Then, I had no clue why a landing bay had been converted into refugee space.

    When I looked up those web sights, I not only looked for episodes I might have missed but also episode production numbers to see if they had accidentally aired something out of order. I even looked up Helo’s profile at Wikipedia to see if I could find the reference to his “new” desk job. Nothing.

    What the frak? Where did the missing material go? I wonder if it has something to do with these “bonus” scenes we’ve been given at the end of episodes lately. For missing scenes, they seem pretty important. I’m beginning to wonder if there is a missing episode that couldn’t be aired in its entirety for some legal or corporate reason and maybe the bits and pieces of it are getting spliced in elsewhere as “bonus” scenes. I want the scene where we’re told when Helo became “mayor of Dogville” or whatever they his fellow officers referred to him as.

  • Tim

    I also was left a little confused by BSG. I was pretty tired when I watched a couple of weeks ago and dosed off for a few seconds at a time and started to wonder if I had missed something major when I saw the “Previously on BSG” scenes.

  • I have to admit that after reading so many comments about Supernatural, many of which indicated that people who’d only watched the first season should give it another chance, I did just that. I went onto CW’s website and watched the episode called Playthings and, I have to admit, it was pretty damn good. Good enough that I’m going to go back and watch a few more… including the one in which Dean gets possessed.

  • Alby

    Glad to hear that you’re willing to give SPN a chance! I’m by no-means a spoiler-freak, but from what I’ve seen from this week’s episode, it’s sure to be a funnier one (something which we don’t see a whole lot of on our little show, but after last week, yeah … we definitely need some humor). The boys were even featured in the latest issue of Weekly World News to promote the episode!

    But, to the commenter above me, I think you’re going to be (pleasantly) surprised, lol. *giggles* Dean doesn’t get possessed, but Sam … well, that’s a whole ‘nother story. *nods happily*

  • Lilisullivan

    I hope lots of viewers are going to give Supernatural another chance, because the show has grown a lot since the beginning.
    Thank you TVaddict for pointing out our dedication, i hope you’ll enjoy the shown this thurday!

  • Misty

    Thank you so much for writing the article on Supernatural! The fans do everything we possibly can to boost the popularity of this excellent show since it’s in the toughest time slot in the history of ever. Hopefully watching this week’s episode (which is the humorous one of the season) will convince some people to backtrack and watch what they missed. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

  • Rachael

    I’m so pleased that you’re going to give Supernatural a try this Thursday, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and I really hope all this fan dedication will attract some more new viewers! This show is just going from strength to strength.

  • winnie

    Thank you for your chance for those of us not in the continental U.S. to voice our love of Supernatural. Your article helps us add our voices to the list of Fans that may not be always taken into account by the networks and the powers that be. Please give Supernatural your support . It richly deserves it, on a night against such heavy competition.

  • melissa

    I’m happy you will give Supernatural a try, just remember that this week’s episode will be funny and a little weird. If you can try to watch also other episodes, there’s so much more than humor in this show.
    Supernatural is not only a fantastic show, with amazing actors and great writing, but it also has a lot of fans.
    The ratings system does not reflect the real number of viewers for Supernatural.
    Also it does not help that the show it is currently airing on the timeslot from hell, against Grey and CSI and that the CW sadly does not promote Supernatural.
    If the CW will be so kind to give the show another season I’m sure the show will become very popular.

  • Sue

    For anyone who needs an introduction to Supernatural can I recommend you hit up the CW website and watch Night Shifter. It’s a great episode that showcases all the power points of Supernatural-acting, writing, scare factor. Currently there are four episodes on the website: Playthings, Night Shifter, Houses of the Holy, and Born Under a Bad Sign. Night Shifter and Born Under a Bad Sign have the most action. Playthings is a classic urban legend episode. Houses of the Holy is slower pace wise but is cerebal if you think that TV can’t have any IQ points.

  • Anne

    I’m so glad you’re going to give Supernatural a try! In my opinion it’s one of the best shows on television right now, and deserves a much bigger audience than it has. This week’s should be *hilarious*, but it’s not going to be representative of the incredible emotional range of the show – if I may, I’d suggest that you watch the episode “Nightshifter” on the cwtv.com website. It’s an absolutely mindblowing episode, and I think it would be perfect for someone new to the show.

    I hope you enjoy it! We can always use more fans πŸ™‚

  • Meredith Milewicz

    I hope you enjoy Supernatural this Thursday! It looks like a real fun episode. ^_^

  • Kate

    I can’t understand this at all! Supernatural is just the best show out there, bar none. It has the whole package – excellent writing, well thought out plot arcs, brilliant character development, one of the most interesting soundtracks and use of soundtrack, the hottest car on tv ever, Latin (!!), and Jensen and Jared.

    I tell everyone about it, and no one who has started watching has complained (or stopped watching for that matter).

    The production values and hot actors are often enough to carry a show for a fairly extended period of time, but on Supernatural those are a bonus. The show itself, the plot and characters are amazing. The creative team clearly has a plan and one that they are all working together towards -the characters and myth arcs are so consistent and well developed, something I often wonder about in other shows. *cough BSG cough*

    Literature and heroic literature in particular are, as it were, my ‘thing’ and it never ceases to excite me how the show consiously engages with the bigger traditions of literature and it is the consiously part that I absolutely love. Archetypes and hero journeys and many other facets can be found any where you want to find them since they are so much a part of how we conceive of story telling. But with Supernatural it is clear the writers are aware of what they are doing, which sets the show apart and makes it very exciting.

    The edgy, clever, stunning, and just plain entertaining!

  • MarΓ­a Sol, aka MeryKey

    I hope we can convert you!!! Please, don’t think we’re a cult or something like that, but the truth is that nothing else exist once you’ve become a Supernatural Junkie!! lol!! I hope you enjoy it, because the more coverage the show has, the better! Like it was said before next epi is gonna be a lot of fun, though I’d recomend you to watch previous episodes because Season 2 has ROCKED since the beginning!!

    PS: We are proud of our insanely dedication!!

  • I’m a bit confused as to what the confusion was about BSG.

    One of the twelve colonies (planets) the humans were originally from was Sagittaron. Sagittarons are people who were from that planet. Each of the twelve planets had a somewhat unique culture ala member states in the EU. (This was established in the miniseries and several episodes after, mostly in the first season).

    Sagittarons tended to be extremely religious and fundamentalist and hostile to medical practices (this was established in the episode in which Adama and Roslyn were considering aborting Sharon’s baby because it was half cylon).

    They were being brought onto the Galactica because Adama said a couple episodes ago that some of the civilian ships had been destroyed or broken down and they needed to bring civilian refugees onto the military vessels due to lack of space on the surviving civilian ships.

  • Common Sense

    Agree with first point:

    SNL opening song = lame episode

    Sorry, but the Brokeback dude in drag a few weeks ago was dreadful. Apparently the SNL people heard it was good & have decided to inundate us with musical drech.

    If only they were half as good as the MAD TV music parodies. Or SNL’s “Junk” In The Box.

  • ren

    Hey, it’s fantastic that you’ve decided to give Supernatural a try! Looks like we’re going to get a funny episode this week, which is awesome because the little hints in the past have shown some gorgeous comedic timing from the boys. Supernatural fans are some of the most dedicated I’ve ever seen, pimping their show to all and sundry – hell, if the CW won’t do it, yeah?

    Seriously. It’s a brilliant show, and you won’t regret checking it out. Hope you have fun!

  • Steph

    Thanks for recognizing all the Supernatural fans! And I’m glad you’re going to watch it this week. It’s a great show always keeps you entertained, and Dean (Jensen Ackles) rocks! He’s hot but he’s also funny!

  • stephanie

    Thank you so much for giving Supernatural a chance, it’s a fantastic show and deserves all the recognition we ask for , I just wish more people would please check out this show ,,,it’s creepy scary,violent,emotional,and hillarious all in the same episode! You won’t be disapointed.

  • shannon

    Thanks for your support of supernatural! The show is just brilliant. Give it a chance, I promise you’ll like it. It has drama, horror, mystery, humor, and pretty boys to look at. What’s not to like?

    Don’t forget to tune in Thursday!

  • Jess

    thanks for posting about supernatural!
    this is an amazing show please check it out!!

  • Katie

    Wow, how wonderful you are checking out Supernatural! I really think you will enjoy this show for a wide variety of things. πŸ˜€ The writing is good, the actors talented, the storylines excellent… yeah, you’re going to like it.

  • thanks so much for giving supernatural a chance! It really is a great show and more people aught to try it. Like I said in my original comment on the article, it only took me one episode to get hooker. enjoy =D

  • Tim

    Jesus Christ, we get it, your happy he’s giving Supernatural a try!

  • tdot

    I wish i could catch up with Supernatural but i live in Canada so I cant watch Cw tv shows online!

  • Debby

    YAY!!!! Thank you for giving Supernatural a try!!! I love that it’s available in streaming format online because I can watch it whenever I want to rewatch an ep. The episodes seriously get better and better, and I can honestly say Supernatural is the hour of television programming that I most look forward to every week.

  • Sammi

    I’m so glad you are going to watch SPN!! Thanks for writing the article b/c we really are dedicated to our show! we love it so much and it was nice of you to recognize that! I guarentee that you will love Supernatural it is by far the best show on tv… actually it is the best show I have ever seen.. I’ve never loved a show as much as Supernatural!!

  • Brie

    I am very glad you are giving Supernatural a try. You wont be sorry, it is seriously the best show on TV.

  • Melissa

    I’m really glad that you are deciding to give Supernatural a chance. It really is one of the most underrated prime time TV shows that is out right now. Thank you for promoting the show!

  • KayVee

    Yay! Glad you’ll be giving Supernatural another try. You won’t regret it.

  • Siara

    Thank you so much for featuring Supernatural. As you can see, we Supernatural fans are working our BUTTS off to get it renewed for a third season. =]

  • McM

    Hey – so it’s now the summer hiatus and I’ve just stumbled upon your initial post. So did you ever get a chance to watch Supernatural? Just curious as to what your thoughts were. This really IS the best show on television; the entire second season was fantastic! I’m not a teenybopper, but someone who’s on the cusp of the CW’s target demograph, which means that I’ve seen my fair share of TV shows. This one is the cream of the crop.