Xena Plays Ball!

It looks as if Lucy Lawless – best known as XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, although we loved her stint on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – will be one of the catfighting women taking center stage on ABC’s upcoming FOOTBALL WIVES (based on the hit BBC sudser FOOTBALLERS WIVES). Lawless has been cast as Tanya Turner, whom fans of the original will recall was considered that show’s queen bitch. The American version is being described as “sexy, but less sophisticated than she thinks.” No word yet on who’ll play Tanya’s troubled hubby, Jason. But if we may, we’d like to suggest the sudser consider Harriet Samson Harris (Felicia, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) for the role of Hazel Bailey. Each and every time we saw Alison Newman in the Brit version, we couldn’t help but think how perfect Harris — who first caught our eye as FRASIER’s agent, Bebe — would be in the part!

In other casting news, Louise Lombard (Sofia, CSI) has landed the title role in ABC’s JUDY’S GOT A GUN, Miriam Shor (Hedwig & The Angry Inch) will join those wifeswappers over in CBS’s SWINGTOWN, and Bridget Wilson-Sampras (whose career has always seemed this close to hitting it big) will play the promiscuous neighbor of ABC’s MR & MRS SMITH.

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