John Krasinski Talks about THE OFFICE and Dwight

This morning, is pleased to offer up some more goodies from this week’s new episode of THE OFFICE. Clip #1 features everybody’s favourite boss explaining why he’s in such a good mood today. Clip #2 is an excerpt from a John Krasinski interview — where he talks about Jim’s relationship with Dwight and those infamous camera reactions we’ve come to know and love. Be sure to tune into a special Joss Whedon directed episode of THE OFFICE this Thursday at 8:30PM on NBC.

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  • I think it’s interesting that in that promo photo you’ve got posted here, Jim is front and center, with Michael off over to the side… just the way I want it!

  • Brynhildur

    Yay! an interview with John Krasinski!!
    That totally made my day

  • Common Sense

    How happy am I that Joss is directing my favorite show?

    Happier than when I learned that I am actually the father of Anna Nicole’$ baby. You heard me.

  • andrea

    Joss Whedon directing The Office…that is some good, good stuff.