That noise you heard at around 8:55PM last night was the combined cheering of GILMORE GIRLS fans around the world. Click the link below to check out where Lorelai and Christopher are now headed. And no, another Paris honeymoon is not the right answer.

I know what you’re thinking — you made this up. Nope, the unfortunate truth is that Divorce Magazine actually exists. Check it out here. (Note, it’s probably a good idea to erase your browser history as to not give your spouse the wrong idea! Especially on Valentine’s Day)

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  • I contributed to the sounds heard at 8:55. You’re right, I literally was clapping and cheering out loud.

  • babygirrr

    I for one, was a christopher fan, so I was sad. However, I do love Luke/Lorelia so even though I was sad about Chris, I am okay with Luke too.

    But I really hope she takes some time to herself to make sure Luke is really what she wants. I mean after all, he didn’t exactly want to rush to marry her before. Why would she think he is any different a few months later?

    I would like to see more of Paris and Doyle, WHERE IS DOYLE? lol I can’t wait for the return of some of the other Stars Hollow people next week too, I have missed all those crazy townies!

  • I think Chris is a wuss. It doesn’t seem like he really wants to work at this marriage. What a cry baby. Is this why his other wife left him? Lorelai didn’t even do anything. It doesn’t seem real to me. The wedding was rushed and so is this divorce. I think Dr. Phil should step in.

    IMO, the acoustic guitar of “My heart will go on” at the funeral was awesome.

  • Alyssa

    I was so glad to see that they were finally going to break up! It’s about time. I can’t stand Chris. He is immature and unable to understand what Lorelai has to say or feel. Thank God!