GILMORE GIRLS: Worst Episode Ever?

I’m not quite sure I want to declare last night’s episode of GILMORE GIRLS the worst episode in the history of Stars Hollow, but it is most definitely up for consideration. Let’s look at the facts shall we. First off, the episode featured Michel with an actual storyline — something we haven’t had to sit through since the awful ‘Winnebago debacle’ of two seasons ago. And secondly, while I’m happy to see Lorelai heading towards ‘LukeVille’ — every good scene was shown in the CW’s endless parade of promos leading up to the episode. Lorelai telling Chris “You’re the man I want to want!” — seen it! Lorelai waving to Luke through the diner window — stuck in my memory. So when the hour was over what were we left with? Lorelai moments that we’ve already seen, an inconsequential relationship speed bump for Rory and Logan, and a funeral for one really ugly dog (and this is coming from an obsessed dog owner).

I think my new television pet peeve is when the TV network marketing department shows us the final scene of the episode in the hopes of sucking us in with a ‘shocking twist’. Recent culprits include HEROES and GILMORE GIRLS. I’m not sure giving up the final scene of an episode is the best way too ensure viewers tune in. More then not it seems to result in some really angry and disappointed viewers.

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  • babette

    I hate promos that show all the BEST scenes too, but to be fair, I think the marketing dept of the CW had to give away the ending because of all the negative fan reaction and press towards the Lorelai/Christopher marriage. I think they were desperate lol. “Look, see? It’s over, we promise! It’s safe to come back!!”

    I actually enjoyed Chin-Chin’s funeral storyline. Michel was pitifully sweet and Zach’s “Please, don’t make me do that” was hilarious.

    And yes, our long national nightmare is finally over. Arrivederci, Chris. Or whatever they say in Paris.

  • Probably Ourevoir

  • I actually thought it was one of the better, if not best, episode of the season. Granted, the Michel stuff was pretty silly.

    As, a few people commented over at TV Guide, it was nice to see “quiet” moments from Lorelai (the wave to Luke; the almost-crying face at the dog’s funeral), and it was nice to see she and Chris actually talk things out rather than avoid each other and play mind games.

    As for Rory, it was nice to see her get nervous around the T.A. and even better when she also discussed it maturely with Logan. I didn’t like the wording she used to explain the situation to Logan, but at least she was honest with him and didn’t try to hide it. Also, did you notice Rory occasionally pulling her sleeves up over her hands like she used to when she was shy back in the first few seasons? Very cute.

    As for others… Sookie made logical points to Lorelai. Loved the moments with Zach trying to avoid playing Celine Dion. I might be possessed by a demon or alien for admitting this, but it was even refreshing to see Kirk for a few seconds. I don’t miss Taylor, but I do miss town meetings. Good to see Babbette and Miss Patty in next week’s preview (that my TiVo cut off halfway through). Perhaps the show is gradually getting back on formula.

  • Here in the House of Thruple, we’ve given up watching teasers or previews. They’ve just given away WAY too many things. So as soon as the episode ends, I hit “erase” no matter HOW badly we want to see.

  • tralfaz… I simply don’t have the self control not to watch the preview! I’m a TV Addict dammit… zero discipline when it comes to ‘next week on….’

  • connie funnell

    I hated last nights episode of Gilmore Girls. I really think Rory belongs with Logan and am hopeful that some reprieve of this will happen next week. As for Lorelai and Luke, that has to happen to end this series on a good note unlike the Seinfeld series which was ended as a disaster.

    Rory walking away from Logan shows young people, you can break the heart of someone who loves you and it’s o.k. and it also shows marriage has no place in success, wrong messages.

    Lorelai and Chris should never has gotten together, they don’t belong and never did, that was a wasted time in the series. Lorelai never seems to have happiness in her life, that gets tiring and after a while hard to watch. The Sex in the City program became old very fast because those girls were made to be losers in thier lives and one cannot watch that every week w/out saying “enough already”.

    Gilmore Girls needs to go out on a better note than the one they’re headed for. It stinks.