Live Blogging LOST (Episode 8, Season 3)

Valentine’s Day be damned! Join during LOST tonight (10PM EST) for a live blog event that is sure to rival any of your Valentine’s Day plans. Yup, you heard me. Forget the holiday that’s been made up to sell greeting cards, tell you Valentine to get LOST (get it?!? really, not funny?) and log on to

9:59PM: WOW… people showed up… and on Valentine’s day nonetheless. I’m psyched. Okay, I didn’t remember any of the ‘previously on…’ stuff. Our Losties… they’re alive! Shockingly Hurley hasn’t lost weight.

10:03PM: Eko is dead…. how many months ago was that? Claire, you’re alive. You’ve had like what… one line in the first six episodes?

10:05PM: “That Guy, sees the future dude…” Desmond… Hiro… time travel…hmmm

10:09PM: OMG, could Charley be anymore annoying. First he’s jealous of Locke, now Desmond… can the mysterious smoke monster please kill Charlie.

10:11PM: Eleven minutes in… no flashback… is that a record? Wait, I’ve got it… the whole series is in DESMOND’S MIND! It’s just one giant flashback.

10:13PM: Desmond has good hearing… okay he totally has superpowers. LOST is desperate for ratings… they’re trying to leach of the success of HEROES! (please note sarcasm)

10:16PM: Painting…. hello! Isaac’s powers… okay this is weird.

10:21PM: 815, The numbers… creepy… Nice painting… who’s going to screen cap it and analyze it. Huh… Mr. Meade… is Desmond going to work for Mode?

10:26PM: Desmond… craazzzyyy. Half way through the episode. All I know is we better get an explanation for Desmond in the next thirty minutes.

10:37PM: I’m speechless… really what the FRAK is going on? Now Fionnula Flanagan can see the future?

10:41PM: Coincidentally, Mrs. Flanagan starred in the 2001 movie called THE OTHERS!

10:45PM: Why do European sirens sound so much more ominous than North American ones?

10:48PM: An interesting parallel to Sun and Jin. Sun is the wealthy woman who’s father doesn’t approve of Jin.

10:55PM: “I wasn’t saving Claire Charlie, I was saving you…” So this pretty much means Charlie is destined to die. Interesting.

10:59PM: No Matter What I Try To Do… You’re Going to Die Charlie… Well duh.. eventually we’re all going to die. Honestly, not a bad episdoe, but really, more questions than answers. Next week’s episode does look amazing though. It looks like we’ll actually get some answers. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting. Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all!

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  • tdot

    USA TODAY says that tonights episode is 4/4 stars and is awesoem episode! Cant wait till tonight!!

  • Common Sense

    Alright, Addict…I’m on board. Just getting primed with One Tree Hill. Gotta take the bad before the good.

  • Sam

    Watch your mouth CS, lol! Theres much worse on television we could be watching before LOST.

  • Common Sense

    Before this thing even starts, let me go on record as saying I LIKE THE OTHERS STORYLINE!!! I’m not one of those whiny people who just pine incessantly for the boring Losties back on the beach. Claire? Charlie? Hurley? Could they BE more boring? The mystery of this thing is tied up with The Others and Dharma and things AWAY from the beach. I wish fans would stop insisting the producers get back to the boring basics. They already forced them to blow up the whole hatch thing, which I felt was left unexplored. Don’t force them to abandon the best part of this show—ABC obviously caves to pressure. Already they’ve cowtowed to those freaks who cry “No repeats—ever!!!!” Like Marc Berman of MediaWeek said, Lost is a classic example of a show mishandled by its network.

    End of rant. 🙂

  • Sam

    I enjoy the Others storyline as well. I just wish the writers would find a nice happy medium because why have 15+ characters if we only ever see 5 or so?

  • Sam

    I have no life tvaddict, that’s why, lol.

  • Common Sense

    That ocean water had to be COLD, man. And shark-infested.

  • Sam

    Can’t wait to hear the story on how Claire happened to fall into the ocean.

  • Common Sense

    BTW, Nathan slept with Brooke on the s-e-x tape.

  • I have yet to watch this week’s HEROES

  • Common Sense

    Charlie = troll
    Desmond = Claire’s trade-up

  • Common Sense

    (yawn)…..So is Felicity on Scrubs tomorrow night? Or is that later?

    P.S. Wanting THE OTHERS, now.

  • Is it wrong that I sort of want to see WILD HOGS? Yeah, I too miss Benry Gale… I wasn’t one of the people complaining about no Beach scenes. Claire, charlie = snore

  • Sam

    No knocking my man Charlie. I trust him more than Desmond right about now.

    OT Side note: I saw that CS on OTH. Now the question is when exactly it happened. Kudos to the show for actually making me feel sorry for Rachel for once.

  • Yeah, I kinda want to know more about Juliet and Jack again! (Martin Lawrence and William H Macy are in the same movie together? Seriously? Why are they still making movies when there are things like Lost, which even in a bad episode, is still oh so good)

  • Common Sense

    Penny looks like Meredith Grey

  • Sam – I made a promise to stop watching OTH and I’ve actually kept it.

  • Common Sense

    Okay, totally intrigued now. Des obviously has some serious “seeing the future” or “deja vu” issues.

    Nice gig, Charlie.

  • GHOST RIDER, wouldn’t go if you paid me.

  • Caleb Nichols/Daddy Meade’s British accents kinda sucks. Does Alan Dale ever play a nice guy?

  • Sam

    Penny’s father is an a-hole. I’m not sure I get the ‘flashback’ but it’s really entertaining and interesting.

  • Vance, I was thinking the exact smae thing. The accent wasn’t consistent. First Caleb, then British, back to Caleb….

  • Common Sense

    Who dies on D. Housewives? Oh….we’re back….

  • Sam


  • Common Sense


  • Seriously, Ghost Rider and Number 23? Who is greenlighting these things?

    Okay. LOVE Fionnula Flannagan (or however you spell her name). She’s always so tender/freaky. Also, I’m on the Charlie camp though I do find him and Claire’s story a little boring. (but PLEASE don’t kill Claire, enough with killing the girls).

  • Common Sense

    The ruby red tennis shoes! Get the ruby shoes, you fool!!!

  • BREACH looks cool.

  • Sam

    They really weren’t kidding when they said they’d ramp up the romance this season were they?

  • Common Sense

    WOW. Most compelling series on television. Probably of all time.

  • FREAKY!!! So I guess Charlie is a goner?

  • Sam

    Two for two since they’ve been back. Hope they make it 16 for 16. See you all next week?

  • See ya next week… and yes Vance, looks like Charlie is a goner. Frankly, he’s one of my least favourite characters so I won’t mind seeing him go the way of Boone and Shannon

  • Tim

    Great episode, with a truly cool twist(Charlie destined to die, not Claire). Lost seems to be way back on track with two GREAT episodes in a row!

  • tdot

    I kinda dont mind charlie dieing, by the way great episode and can till next week!!

  • Linda B.

    If you’ll remember Charlie just about died in season 1 when he was strung up and hung, but was later saved by Jack. I guess they could stretch this save Charlie thing for quite a while. I know Evangeline Lily would be sad if they told Dominic to pack his bags and leave Hawaii.

  • Ashlyn

    Nah, I bet LOST tries to shock us by publicizing a death, having us all think it is Charlie, and then killing somebody different.

    Well, then again, they killed Eko earlier this season, so maybe they don’t give a damn about shocking us anymore.